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Top healthcare jobs for a great career path: 7 great choices


This guide outlines the seven top healthcare jobs to give you a great career path.

If I were a boy, I would have chosen that profession. Every woman at some point in their life must have wished this. Looking back at those times when certain professions were only for men, today’s world has become more progressive. Women today are leading many professions with their skills and efforts.

From firefighters to beekeeping, women have paved their way in every profession. They have shattered the barriers of patriarchy that once existed. For example, whenever we visit a hospital, in healthcare jobs we see both males and females working and helping patients to achieve full recovery.

Among other industries, the healthcare industry has grown enormously in the past few years. The changing lifestyles of people and negligence towards their health have snowballed hospitals with patients overloading doctors’ and nurses’ schedules.

As a result, the healthcare industry has seen a surge in people’s interest in healthcare studies. It has created a lot of career opportunities for potential candidates. Women play a vital role in healthcare services, and they have proven their mettle in this field that requires constant efforts and critical thinking.

Top healthcare jobs

Healthcare jobs and education have many categories offering vast career opportunities with different skillsets. Thanks to the online education trend that has made education and qualifying degrees pretty easy and facilitated, people now have the liberty to enroll in their preferred university without relocating.

In addition, online education has made it easier for women to continue their education even when they have a busy schedule. That has resulted in more women taking up an online general studies degree and contributing to the healthcare jobs field in many ways by providing the best care as counsellors, nurses, physicians etc. It is also easier to get allocated in the correct job as a healthcare staffing provider which can get you placed in the appropriate job for you. Following are some of the female-dominated career pathways in healthcare, along with the skillset that they require.

1) Caregiver

Getting caregiver training can be a game-changer for your health career, not only allowing you to make a living but also providing immense job satisfaction. Caregiving training equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the growing demand for qualified caregivers, increasing your earning potential.

By following caregiving requirements and obtaining caregiver training, you can confidently pursue a rewarding career that offers financial stability and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others.

2) Registered Nurse

Nurses play a substantial role in sustaining the healthcare industry and ensuring top-notch care for the patients. This career pathway has provided many opportunities for competent and potential candidates to join the healthcare industry as registered nurses. The nursing profession has both males and female nurses, but women are in the majority.

A nurse’s primary job is to provide direct care to patients, assess their condition, record their medical history, administer and monitor a patients progress, and coordinate with doctors. Women have shown great success in this career and playing different nursing roles. The BLS report states that 91% of nurses are females in the US healthcare industry.

3) Physician

Women possess diverse skills, and their technical and soft skills make them a perfect candidate for a physicians role in the healthcare industry. Female physicians either opt for general physician designation or specialize in OB/GYN or emergency treatments. Nature and working hours of both domains may differ, but we see many female doctors looking after patients and attending to their ailments.

In addition, aphysician‘s profession offers high job satisfaction and other benefits. As per general observation, a female doctor has more empathy and listens to patients better than males. As a result, more than onethird of active physicians in the healthcare industry are women.

4) Phlebotomist/pathologist 

Whenever our doctor recommends a test related to blood, we head straight to a phlebotomist to give our blood samples for diagnosis. It has been noted that 79.1% of phlebotomists are women. They specialize in collecting blood samples and send them for further testing to learn more about a patient’s condition.

The BLS predicts 17% healthcare jobs growth till 2029 in this profession, meaning that there are more career opportunities for people to work as a phlebotomist and enter the healthcare industry.

5) Audiologist

Another female-dominated profession in healthcare jobs is that of an audiologist. An audiologist assesses and identifies health issues concerning hearing and other issues related to the ear. They deal with patients of varying ages, ranging from neonates to adults. They are trained to select, dispense, and fit hearing aid for their patients. According to observation,67.6% of audiologists are women. Audiologists assist in preventing hearing loss in older adults and aid in research pertinent to hearing loss or identifying its possible causes.

6) Occupational Therapists

We often see people who lose their strength to carry out their routine due to some traumatic injury or chronic illness. However, with a little reinforcement, these patients can re-learn to use their basic life skills with the help of an occupational therapist.

Occupational therapists work to recover, maintain, and reinforce skills that can help patientsdaily, like washing hands, maintaining their hygiene, or any other necessary skill. Occupational therapists work more often in medical and surgical domains, and 90% of occupational therapists are females. They also help the elderly and other patients to recover from their ailments and live a normal life independently.

7) Pharmaceutical Sales Or Medical Representative

We have seen men working in pharmacies or medical representatives most of our lives, but times have changed. Women are doing an exceptional job as sales and medical reps. Pharmaceutical sales representative jobs grew in the year 2020. A survey reports that 56.6% of women are working as pharmaceutical sales reps. You could aim for a respected company like TriRx Pharmaceutical Services.

These sales reps work for different pharmaceutical companies and secure their product sales. Working as a pharmaceutical sales rep has its benefits, one of which is the schedule flexibility it offers, making it easier for women to pursue this career. On the other hand, medical representatives are responsible for promoting medical equipment for different companies, and 46.9% of women are working as medical reps.

8) Mental Health Nurse

Mental health is one of the most neglected aspects of human health. Yet, mental health disorders are one of the leading causes of a persons health deterioration today. Every year,thousands of suicides take place globally. Many nurses work in hospital settings looking after a patients needs and other requirements. Mental health nurses assist people in recovering and coping with their mental health issues. 75.2% of women choose a career in mental health nursing to help people live a healthy life.


Women have been making a great difference in the world. Women hold 76% of all healthcare jobs fulfilling different roles of physician, nurse, biomedical engineer, nurse leadership, and other managerial positions. Their natural caring instincts make them a perfect fit for healthcare jobs and the great careers that go with them.

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