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Do you have to trade business for motherhood?


Way too often are women told that they have to choose between conquering the world or raising a family. Women are constantly limited and polarized to either being a great mom, or a great business woman – well, I believe that women can have it all, do it all, and share it all with other women supporting them the entire way. I want to share my tips on how I manage my entire life, being a mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, a sister, and so much more!

It’s a juggling act

When it comes to being the woman in charge, so many business women look for this step-by-step strategy of how to be the best in your field while still managing at home life. Many women fail to realize that the answer to your troubles is to remember that being a mompreneur is a huge juggling act. Sometimes it can seem like a real life circus with all the chaos that a tiny 2 year old can create, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I keep my sanity and keep myself motivated by remembering that there will be good days and bad days – either way, I keep everything moving and try my best balancing act.

To have it all, you have to have a plan

The best way to accomplish any goal is to have a clear plan. Most moms are usually scatterbrained 5 out of 7 days a week. It helps to start each week by mapping out your goals for the week, and making sure you’ve identified how this plan will help you in your careers.

Fail forward

Every mom is business must know that sometimes things do not always go as planned. Sometimes you are racing out the house doing everything you can to get your child to school on time, just to get there 7 minutes late. Sometimes you forget diaper bags, business meetings, and grocery lists goods. Whatever the set back is, understand that you must fail forward to receive a greater lesson out of your bad days.

When you establish a skill, share it with someone

I created S2 the Brand with my sister, Ariel, in order to promote sisterhood, women empowerment, healthy lifestyle, and proper beauty care. You ever see someone with a cute shirt, new hairstyle, or fancy dinner spots and when you ask, “where did you get that from,” now all of a sudden nobody remembers or no one wants to tell you? S2 the Brand is becoming a hub for women to come indulge, learn from other women, and shop a collection made just for women on the go! We post all our goodies and want our customers and readers to learn from us! Highlighting so many incredible women who are willing to teach their skills in business, is empowering for us and our readers.

Do not trade – simply make room

I truly believe that everything is possible and attainable. Motherhood does not have to suffer due to your businesses. Your business does not have to suffer due to you wanting to spend more time with the family. Simply create space for everything on your plate.

You can read more about S2 the Brand and shop the collection at, and connect with us on social media at @misskierraa and @s2thebrand.


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