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Transforming a worker into a leader – 5 handy hacks


Have you ever tried to picture yourself as a business leader? Most employees stay within their comfort zone throughout their career. However, some manage to push the envelope and become managers or other business executives. Those achievers show us that it’s not rocket science. However, it takes determination and commitment to get to the top, as well as adjusting some of your habits to your business goals. In order to transform from a worker to a business leader, you need to take a proactive approach and develop certain leadership skills. This is why we’ve put together five handy hacks for modern workers to help them acquire some essential qualities of leaders.

1) Seizing the day from the dawn

No matter if your position in the office demands additional work or not, do your best to seize every single day. In order to achieve this, you can opt for several different tactics. For instance, many successful people sleep a few hours a night, so as to be more productive. However, a lack of sleep can cause serious health issues. This is why you shouldn’t take from your sleeping time, but first get some good sleep and then insist on your own productivity from early morning. Here’s what you can do:

  • Always go to bed and get up at the same time – It will contribute to consistency at work, as well as to balanced mood. For instance, go to sleep at 11 pm or midnight and get up at 6 or 7 am. You’ll get enough sleep and still have plenty of time for a successful day.
  • Make todo lists in advance – Use the time while you’re watching your favorite series in the evening to make a to-do list for the next day. Also, add the precise time for each of these actions. Holding on to a schedule will help you seize the day and improve your personal productivity.
  • Eliminate procrastination – Once your work day has started, you mustn’t waste your time on trivial things. So, sign-out from various chats and social networks while you’re at work. Concentrate on your business goals and make an effort to perform them as efficiently as possible.

2) Looking after your employees

Once you become primus inter pares, it’s extremely important for your future career as a leader not to forget your origins in the business. In other words, you should under no circumstances behave in a bossy or hostile way towards your former co-workers.

Instead of that, apply a friendly and cooperative approach to them. This will not only help you build a great reputation of a leader within the business, but it will also improve the public status of your company. As Richard Branson put it: “Listen to your staff and give them choices.”

To be more precise, communicate with them in a friendly and amiable way in both business and private conversations. Also, always offer them several options when they’re facing difficulties at work. Give them a chance to express themselves and contribute to your work instead of micromanaging every move they make.

Another important aspect of proper care about workers is the workload distribution. It’s imperative to delegate your projects and tasks in a fair way. What you should do here is find out more about some cutting-edge collaboration tools and see which ones can help you distribute tasks to your workers equally.

Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to react if any of your employees takes advantage of your soft approach. It will show your determination to run your team or business in a kind but professional way.

3) Learning from your business surroundings

Becoming a leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but it’s an everlasting process. In broader terms, you can say that it started on the first day of your elementary school. To narrow down it a bit, acquiring leadership skills should begin the same moment you enter your office for the first time. Those surroundings are your learning environment – your school for life.

Therefore, try to immerse yourself in that environment and pick up as much knowledge as possible. On the one hand, you need to educate yourself in your niche of work. The more you know, the less questionable your managing authority will be.

On the other, it’s important to develop your knowledge of psychology, as well as your social skills. Namely, a future leader needs to master the key office personality types and how to work with them.

Everything you learn on this battlefield will be of great value once you enter the arena of business management.

4) Taking the path of independence

One of the key differences between people who remain employees throughout their careers and those who transform into leaders is their attitude towards work independence. The former feel better when they’re in their comfort zone and simply do the tasks they’re assigned to. The latter, on the other hand, are decisive to take the plunge and go their own way, business-wise.

So, if you’re aiming at climbing the corporate ladder, show your managers and CEOs that you’re a solo player when it comes to tricky projects. As you expose yourself to such tasks, you’ll learn how to take more initiative. The more responsibility you take, the better reputation you’ll earn with those executives.

Also, by getting more demanding projects, you’ll develop different strategies to cope with a larger amount of stress, which will be extremely useful once you hit the road of leadership and business management.

5) Changing the attitude towards money

When you’re an employee, you earn your salary and don’t care too much about other financial matters. However, becoming the leader of a department or an entire company requires some changes in the way you treat money.

First of all, you have to master different payment terms at work. Managers and entrepreneurs need to use a variety of business documents. This means that you should take some time to learn more about corporate invoice templates, balance sheets, cash flow, payroll and many other business aspects before you get into the manager’s chair.

Apart from that, your personal finances have to be in balance with your position and status. That way, it’s important to make the right financial decisions and set example to your workers. Such an approach will represent a significant personal contribution to the brand you’re working for.

Transforming from an ordinary worker into a business leader is a long-lasting process. However, if you closely observe the business world around you, it’s possible to become a distinguished professional soon. The hacks presented in this text will help aspiring workers find their way to the top and build an enviable business reputation.

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