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Unique corporate gifts can make a big impression


It’s amazing how many hours can be spent stressing about the perfect business gifts. And as savvy as your company website might be, nothing makes a statement quite like unique corporate gifts. Gifting SWAG (Stuff We All Get) to potential clients, customers, and employees, is a great way to build your brand’s reputation through repeat exposure. When a client reaches for a pen or a hoodie, they are subtly reminded of your company’s presence.

Keeping this in mind, it is vitally important to choose corporate gifts that are of relatively high-quality,and that have some level of functionality. Useless gifts will get tossed to the side, and never thought of again, perhaps even being thrown away. More functional gifts will earn their place in a drawer, or on adesktop for guaranteed continual exposure.

The world of business has digitized more than ever before, and that is why a physical gift that one can hold and keep, feels exceptionally personal and gratifying. It also builds on a sense of trust for the company, which is another reason why high-quality standards should be met. Imagine the psychological impact of, even a simple pen, imprinted with your company’s logo, breaking and oozing ink onto important documents, or an expensive shirt. Suddenly, the leaky pen becomes a symbol of your company.Even if you’ve done everything else right, there is now, quite literally, a stain on your reputation.

One-to-One Gift Ideas

Business partnerships are all about relationships. Maintaining those relationships is equally as important as any other aspect of your business, if not more important. After all, if not for your clients, customers, and vendors, your business may not exist at all. Taking the time to encourage and support clients, customers, and employees, in their personal and professional advancements, can only reflect well on your company.

Are your clients avid sports fans? Send them a hat or hoodie with their favorite sports team, and a smaller, less obtrusive insignia of your company. Were they recently promoted, or did they change careers? Send them a book related to professional development, and success, along with a request to meet to talk about abusiness collaboration.

One-to-Many Gift Ideas

This strategy allows you to reach a greater number of people, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice personalization. What are the gifts that best represent your industry? Everybody uses pens, key chains, calendars, and magnets. Thinking creatively, and working with creative professionals, will help you design these gifts with the essence of your company in mind. For example, an ophthalmologist might have magnets in the shape of an eye; or for a car dealership, a car-shaped key fob. These are sure-fire ways to keep a positive connection with current and potential clients and customers.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

An integral aspect of business is the selling of an experience; the promise of a bigger, “badder” self, and lifestyle. People gravitate toward items that hold a promise of this vision. Ideas in this category include:

Water bottles
Gift boxes of plants and candles
Face masks
Lip balm/hand lotion
Soup and stew mixes
Herb kits
Healthy living cookbooks
Squishy stress relievers

Encourage Excellent Teamwork

There is no “I” in team, as they say, and strengthening the bonds between employees will enhance their company morale.

Magnetic clip holder (every clip is a team member)
A team photo in a company frame
Totes and bags with the company logo or similar design
Candy and food – snacks are always welcome
Customized Visa Gift Cards. Today, gift cards offer a bespoke element, as you can upload a picture to the card for a customized and memorable experience. Image Visa gift cards with a photo of an event, a team of collaborators, or the company logo, directly onto the card. Gift cards are especially useful for people to spend, however they desire, and will be extraordinarily appreciated. Each time they make a purchase, your company will be to thank.

Remembrance Gifts

Sometimes it is necessary to put a bit more effort into your corporate gifting. It might be an exceptional time for honoring an individual’s retirement, advancement, or when he or she is receiving an honorary award. For these special events, consider these distinctive gifts:

Personalized desk clock. Because nothing quite says, “Thank you for your time with us” like an elegant desk clock.
Personalized paper weight. It might be the tech age, but people do still work with paper documents.
Crystal awards. Too fancy to shove inside a drawer, a personalized crystal award will own its spot on a mantle or desktop.
Leather portfolio or briefcase. Easily personalized for both the individual, and the company, either one is the perfect gift to show appreciation and value.
Coffee table books that showcase great leaders (with your corporate stamp inside).
Personalized wine bottle, and wine glasses. Creating your own wine labels is easy, and denotes an authenticity of recognition.

The key to choosing the right corporate gifts, is to remember what you are attempting to demonstrate your company’s mission. Honoring clients and employees with these types of physical gifts, allows them to tangibly see and know that your company truly has heart.

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