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Unique corporate gifts that make a big impression


It’s amazing how many hours can be spent stressing about the perfect business gifts. Should I go serious present or gag gift? Do I get my boss the same thing as my colleagues? These questions and many more often plague corporate gift-givers, but this year don’t let the process get you down. We’ve come up with a list of unique gifts — from humorous to serious, and in every budget— that are sure to make a big impression.

Custom business card holder

Give them a custom card holder to put their cards in. Your employees or coworkers will love that you had something specially made and it will come in handy when trying to keep organized. Another bonus? It’s a gift that will look impressive when networking and welcoming clients into the office.

Personalized YETI tumbler

Anyone who’s drawn out of bed in the morning by the promise of coffee and relies on a to-go-cup to get them to work needs a YETI in their life. The stainless steel tumbler can help keep liquids cold or hot for longer periods of time. Put in a little extra effort and have one personalized with someone’s name or the company and logo.

Bubble wrap calendar

A standard office decoration, a calendar is a go-to gift for corporate and coworkers. This poster size calendar puts a twist on the classic by including bubble wrap bubbles, making each day a delight to mark off the list.

Guzzle buddy

If you’re looking for a funny gift for a coworker who loves to have a good time, consider the Guzzle Buddy. Essentially a wine glass that attaches to a bottle, this gift is perfect for those colleagues that are always the life of the party at happy hours.

A group gift

Looking to improve camaraderie within your work ranks? Consider a group gift for your employees. Check out and find a local activity in your area to complete as a group and build strong bonds that will translate to the workplace.

Keep their phones protected

In today’s professional world, our smartphones are our lifeline. If your employees are constantly using their phones to make deals and keep up with clients, be sure their most valuable possession is kept safe with some cool iPhone cases.

Personalized notepad

Just the kind of thing corporate workers needs to jot down all their genius ideas, and personalized to boot. It can be customized with a person’s name or short quip, and made a little different for everyone so it’s sure to stand out.

Corporate logo cookie tin

Everyone loves cookies, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. Many companies offer custom-designed cookies (including Oreos), so choose your favorite and have matching tins sent to all employees, or set up a few boxes in the break room.

Personalized USB flash drive

Another useful office too, A USB flash drive can personalized to fit your company. Having individual names and titles engraved will prove an easy way to distinguish between multiple similar looking drive, or simply have the company logo engraved for everyone.

So there you have it. Take the stress out of gift-giving by choosing from this list of items that are sure to make an impression on your colleagues.

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