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Don’t want to go to university? Here’s a guide to your alternative options


There are plenty of great alternatives to university for those who are looking for a different path. The fact is that university isn’t right for everyone, and it’s important that you take the time to explore all of your options before deciding what to do. The more time you spend looking into these alternatives, the better the decision you will be able to make for your future.

While everyone in the UK needs to stay in education until they are 18, below are some of the alternatives to university.


One of the best alternatives  to university is an apprenticeship. You will be able to learn the skills you need for your future career in a much more practical way while working and earning money. There are many different types of apprenticeships that you can get, so you will need to make a point of looking into all of your different options – you need to know what is available in your area before you can get started.

If you want to look for different qualifications across the UK, you could try looking at a City &Guilds apprenticeship, as they have a wide range of apprenticeships and an option to browse what’s offered in specific areas. As well as the location of the apprenticeship, there are also different sectors to consider and it’s important that you look for one that really interests you.

Become an entrepreneur

Another option you have if you don’t want to attend university is becoming an entrepreneur. If the idea of being your own boss really appeals to you, it is important that you explore this option thoroughly. Take the time to consider what sort of business you would like to run. These days, a lot of individuals are getting small business loans to get the money they need to get started, and you can most likely do the same.

Entry-level jobs

There are many entry-level positions that you can get without having to attend college. While your pay may be limited with these jobs, they are still at least worth looking into before you make a final decision either way. Whether it is bookkeeping or marketing, there are quite a few options that you should really explore. Despite what most people think, you don’t need to go to university to get a decent job.

Take a gap year

Many people choose to take a gap year, which is essentially just some time to consider what your next move is going to be. This can be a very helpful period of time for those who aren’t sure what they want to do. You could end up deciding to go to university, or you find your time travelling gives you some job inspiration, but whatever you choose, you’ll have time to explore your options while thinking about what exactly you really want. This is a period of time where you can get to know yourself before making such a big decision.

Don’t pressure yourself

It is incredibly important that you do not place a lot of pressure on yourself when trying to decide which route you want to take with regards to your future. Just because you don’t want to go to university, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find another option that is just as good.

With all of the different alternatives to attending university, it is very important that you take the time to explore some of them. In the end, you will be very glad you decided to do this research because of how it will benefit your future.

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