US elections and the hypocrisy of adults 


How is it that we so rigorously try to instil standards of behavior in society and children — and then fail to reach those standards when it comes to social media discussion of current affairs. The US presidential elections are highlighting this hypocrisy in adults who should (and likely do) know better.

It is such a shame to see professional women, the media, parents and leaders of industry ignore all the advice they share with their children when it comes to how to standards of behavior and how to treat others.

In households across the world you will hear parents teaching their children to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. They will be told to look after the person at school who’s picked on, and that putting people down based on their beliefs is wrong. Bullying is frowned upon, so much so that there is a huge movement to stop cyberbullying, particularly of children and young teens.

But many of these people however are contradicting what they tell their children, and it has been clearly highlighted during the US elections. Discussion should have been serious exploration of the policy issues, but instead has descended into a cesspit of vile invective.

The internet is full of hate against the two main candidates — rather than proper discussion of the positives or negatives of their policies. No balanced discussions have gone viral… just hate and insulting comments.

This is not politics.

This is a descent into the hell of celebrity populism.

We are faced with leaders in their industry, many women too, who find it appropriate to influence their millions of followers with personal attacks and the same tactics as teenagers use to bully others. It is disguised as humor in some instances.

How are we, as adults, expecting the next generation to show tolerance and understanding when the internet is flooded with the complete opposite at our own hands.

How are we petitioning against bullying and verbal abuse, but then doing it ourselves — and justifying it because it is election time.

Whether or not you are instigating this behavior, sharing posts and laughing is the behavior of the pack mentality we are urging our children to avoid on the playground — yet here we are doing it ourselves.

The entire world has thrown out decency and respect throughout these elections and is shining a light on what could be the main reason we have an issue with our youth already. The adults. Yes… us.

Be an example. Respect people and their differences.

Abusing, bullying and mocking someone is just as unacceptable for adults as it is for children. Don’t be that person.

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