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Use your first profit to drive your business growth


For small business owners, few milestones will be as exciting – or as important – as the time you report your first profit. It’s a reward for all the work you’ve put into making a success of your enterprise – taking an idea to market and getting people to buy into it. But what comes next? How can you build on that first profit and put in place a platform for future growth?

The decision to invest that surplus cash should be an integral part of any growth strategy. A profit is money earned – not loaned or owed. As such, you’re free to use that sum to build a framework where the money you’ve made is being put to use to the long-term benefit of the business. It’s a sustainable approach – but it’s just a question of knowing where to invest.

Get seen by more people

Using your first profits, investing in marketing – not least in digital channels – can be a wise move. After all, what better way to strengthen your chances of returning another profit than reaching (and selling to) more potential clients? Ofcom research reveals that almost 90% of adults in the UK used the internet in 2019. But are you currently reaching to them?
Of course, digital marketing is not a single discipline. So, there are many ways in which your business can reach people. From SEO to social media, clever investment can have big results.

Diversify your investment

If you’re willing to take a greater risk with your investment, you can look to diversify and put that profit into other ventures. Stocks, bonds, pensions and foreign exchange can deliver fast, attractive returns. It’s not an activity that you need to go into blind, either. You can sign up to a stock or forex demo account to test the water first – without taking undue risk on that profit.

Take on fresh new talent

It’s understandable that you might not want to risk your first business profits and diversify too soon. For the time being, you may well prefer to invest in the business itself. As the owner of a small business, it’s likely that you’ve been doing the jobs of many people. So, now could be the time to invest in talent with skills in relevant areas that can add huge value to your business.

Outsource and consolidate

If a full-time hire isn’t quite right for your business at the moment, there is a more short-term solution you can take. Enlist a third party and outsource specific functions you might not enjoy or be as confident with – such as accounting or book-keeping. If nothing else, it’ll give you the freedom to pursue other growth-generating activities within the business – like a new product.

There are many different investment opportunities that are available to you after your business reports its first profits. The bottom line is choosing the one that makes most sense to you. With a well-executed investment, that initial profit can be turned into something a whole lot bigger – and that can only bode well for the future growth and success of your business brainchild.

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