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Veterans jobs are flourishing in these 10 industries


This guide outlines the top 10 fields that have a strong focus and appreciation for veterans jobs.

Finding a new career after serving in the military can be challenging for veterans. However, there are numerous industries in America that not only appreciate military experience but also offer lucrative opportunities for veterans to flourish. 

In this guide, we will examine the top 10 industries for veterans jobs, where veterans can make a successful transition and achieve great accomplishments.

Top fields for veterans jobs

Defense Contracting

Veterans possess invaluable knowledge of defense systems and operations, making them an ideal fit for defense contracting careers. This industry provides opportunities for veterans jobs in project management, logistics coordination, and cybersecurity – all of which align seamlessly with the skills developed through military service.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT industry is thriving and constantly changing, making it a perfect fit for veterans who can adapt quickly. With their problem-solving skills and quick thinking, veterans can excel in various IT roles, such as computer programming and network administration.


Veterans bring invaluable qualities to healthcare settings – discipline, teamwork skills, and a strong work ethic. Opportunities for veterans jobs abound in the healthcare industry for veterans looking for a fulfilling career. From nursing and medical technician roles to administrative positions, their skills are highly sought after.

Law Enforcement

Former military personnel are often attracted to law enforcement careers as veterans jobs, because they share a commitment to serving and protecting communities. Police departments nationwide actively recruit veterans who possess strong leadership abilities, crisis management skills, and the ability to perform well under pressure.

Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation and logistics industry, effective planning, execution, and communication are crucial for success. These skills are honed through military training, making veterans a valuable asset. There are diverse veterans jobs opportunities available, from truck driving to supply chain management, with excellent prospects for career growth.

Energy Sector

Discover the promising opportunities for veterans jobs in the thriving energy sector, driven by the growing focus on sustainability and renewable energy sources. Gain valuable employment in diverse roles, from installing solar panels to maintaining wind turbines. 

Enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive impact on our planet while securing steady employment and professional advancement.


Veterans with engineering or heavy equipment operation experience can seamlessly transition into veterans jobs in this field. Additionally, veterans with leadership skills gained from their military service have the potential to excel in project management roles within the industry.

Franchise Opportunities

Discover the power of investing in a franchise for veterans, where leadership skills thrive in an established business model. Find franchises actively seeking veterans, valuing their discipline, teamwork mindset, and commitment to following procedures. Explore entrepreneurial opportunities specifically tailor-made for veterans.


Explore the wide range of career opportunities within the manufacturing industry, from hands-on production line work to strategic quality control management.  Veterans bring valuable skills such as exceptional attention to detail, adaptability, and technical expertise that are crucial for thriving in this field.


In today’s world, where cyber threats are on the rise, the field of cybersecurity has become paramount. It requires individuals with outstanding problem-solving abilities and a deep knowledge of technology systems, which makes them a focus for veterans jobs. 

Veterans who have been trained in information security during their military service are in high demand, sought after by government agencies and private organizations alike.


Veterans bring valuable skills and qualities to multiple industries in America. From defense contracting to healthcare, there are numerous veterans jobs opportunities for those transitioning from the military. With determination and support from veteran networks, a successful transition is not just possible, but achievable!

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