Virtual meeting games and activities to engage the team


This guide outlines some top virtual meeting games and activities to ensure your team stays connected and lively.

Whether you’re going to hold an online meeting with your current colleagues or meet new people from different departments, it’s natural to feel awkward on-screen. This, it’s smart to think of steps to removing dead silence. Communication experts agree that the best solution is to engage in fun virtual meeting games and activities in your online gathering. 

While your company has transitioned to a remote working style, you can expect to hold more online conferences than ever before. Hence, it’s wise to do thorough research on how to make things fun with virtual meeting games while meeting virtually and productively with others in the company. 

If you’re already past the introduction part, it’s time to execute more creative ways to keep everyone perked up during the virtual event.

Top 5 virtual meeting games and activities

Here are some exciting and fun virtual meeting games for your next meeting: 

  • Conduct a Virtual Happy Hour  

No matter how serious the agenda for your online meeting is, always ensure to integrate a virtual happy hour. These are known to be effective in building relationships with each other, even if people haven’t met each other for a while. The best activity to run during happy hours is to play virtual meeting games. Here are some easy games to make your digital get-together more fun:   

  • GIF Contest  

Social media is filled with so many GIFs and if your team loves browsing the internet, they probably have some of their favorites. It’s best to make virtual meeting games out of this common interest. Make it into a contest. 

Choose one judge among the group and let everyone participate and find their own GIF to contend. The judge will consider the category and decide which GIF is the best. You can play this game as teams or as individual participants. GIFs must be sent on time, and the judge will pick the winner. Finally, the winner will get to judge in the next round.  

  • Virtual Charades  

Charades is a popular game offline and it’s also becoming famous among virtual meeting games. You can easily engage everyone in your virtual meeting for some quick charades happy hour game.

You can ask the members to pair up and have some phrases and words ready for them to guess. One player should be the one to act while the other one should guess. Let each pair take turns and have some rewards ready for the winners.    

  • Trivia  

Your workplace or industry can be the topic of your trivia questions. This is another one of the best happy hour virtual meeting games if you want to take a break from discussing the serious agenda of the meeting. 

A trivia or question-and-answer session is a great team-building activity in the virtual environment. Employees working remotely can enjoy healthy competition and a break from workplace-related chitchat. The key here is to find interesting trivia questions possible for your members and participants to answer.  

  • Prepare Physical Wellness Strategies 

No one is immune to the multiple struggles when attending a virtual event. It’s hard to stay in front of the screen for a long time, sedentary and fixated on the texts and graphics in front of you.

In order to improve the physical and mental condition of your participants, it’s essential to include some physical wellness activity during your virtual event. Here are some ideas to get you started and keep you updated with the times:

  • Fitness Challenge  

One effective way to encourage and motivate everyone in the meeting is to create a fitness challenge contest. This should be beneficial to their health while doing something fun. After all, exercising while doing work boosts productivity. 

In between your virtual meeting breaks, your attendees can execute some physical exercises they prefer. Make it into a competition by allowing them to measure the calories they burn. Whoever burns the most will be the winner.

You’re sure to see higher participation rates if you add some form of reward at the end. This is the best way to make your attendees feel less tired while sitting idly in front of their computers.  

  • Send Out Healthy Snacks  

Most people have cultivated the habit of snacking while working. But unfortunately, unhealthy snacks will only be detrimental to their health. 

One way to promote health is to send out healthy snacks to all your staff and have them eat them during your virtual meeting. These snacks should be healthy and filling at the same time. 

You can ensure that remote employees eat nutritious and wholesome snacks by curating a selection of healthy snacks. Every employee would appreciate this perk and know they are valued. Let everyone share some healthy snacks while conversing about the importance of health during virtual meetings.  

  • Let A Nutritionist Join In

The importance of nutrition in maintaining one’s health cannot be overstated. It’s essential to retain good health among your employees, and as a manager or CEO, it’s somewhat your responsibility to ensure that your employees are healthy physically and mentally.

One great physical wellness strategy is to invite a nutritionist during your virtual meeting. Engage a nutritionist to educate employees about nutrition’s do’s and don’ts. This will definitely help guide your staff on which foods and snacks to avoid or eat.  

  • Insert Ice Breakers  

Ice breakers are necessary during virtual meetings, even more so if you’re not familiar with each other yet. A solid framework for introductions, expectations, and action items is essential when you’re just getting to know your new team. Here are some ice breaker ideas that are easy to execute to build workplace engagement:

  • Talk About Each Employee’s Favorite Foods  

Let everyone introduce themselves, and then let them share about their favorite dish or meal. It’s an excellent way to get people talking and provides insight into their interests and food preferences. It’s one way to get to know the person.  

  • Share Something About Your City Or Country  

In situations where you’ll meet people from different cities or countries, one great ice breaker idea is to let them share about their current place. Tell them to identify something iconic about their city or town. 

  • Consider Hosting A Pet Event  

If any of your employees own pets at home, this next one of the virtual meeting games should be fun for all of them. Host a pet event and invite your staff’s furry friends and babies. Whether they have birds, dogs, cats, hamsters, and other animals, encourage them to introduce them to everyone in the meeting.  

This is a fun way for everyone to share their pet stories together or even share some pet facts and pet care tips. It’s even more fun if some employees own unconventional pets like tarantulas and snakes. Virtual socializing with pets can be a great way to make new friends and have fun. 


The truth is virtual events can even be more fun and interesting than face-to-face ones. The secret is to incorporate creative and unique virtual meeting games and activities to make the meeting fun every time. Consider the tips and ideas above for your next online event and prepare to create your best event yet.  

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