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Ringless voicemail is a powerful business tool: here’s why


Despite communications technology becoming more complex every day, it is also becoming harder to determine how to engage directly with your target market — and not in the way of annoying ‘pop-up’ ads. One of the clearest ways to do this can be with ringless voicemail for business, which involves sending a voice message directly into the recipient’s voicemail inbox with no phone ringing involved. This voicemail for business tool is particularly beneficial for sales representatives because it allows them to communicate with their prospects without being too much of an annoyance.

Cold-calling continues to be a customer acquisition method used by most companies. Fortunately, ringless voicemail for business software such as those from Drop Cowboy has made the cold calling process painless for both your sales representative and client.

Benefits of ringless voicemail for business

If you’re intrigued about the benefits that ringless voicemail for business can bring, here are the reasons why it has become popular over the years:

  1. Zero interruptions 

The primary advantage of ringless voicemail software is that it doesn’t make cold-calling unpleasant for your customers. The biggest challenge that your sales representative would face when making promotional calls is in catching clients at the wrong time.

With this interruption, they won’t be able to deliver their sales pitch. Plus, they’ll need to find another time to call, which may still be an inconvenient time for your prospects.

Ringless voicemail eliminates the risk of annoying potential clients because they won’t be disrupted with the ringing of their phones. You can deliver your sales pitch directly into prospects’ voicemail inboxes, which they can listen to when they’re ready and available.

  1. Full customer control

This software can boost consumers’ perception of your brand because you invested in a tool that helps you reach your sales goals without sacrificing your relationship with your customers. You allow clients to regain control of their purchasing decisions when you opt for ringless voicemail.

Unlike traditional cold calls where some customers feel pressured to buy because they can’t say no to a particularly persuasive representative, ringless voicemail gives prospects a choice on when they want to get back to you and learn more about your company. With this, you’ll likely end up with recurring customers because they feel more in control of their buying decisions when they do try out your products and services.

Other ways to give customers more control with their buying experience is through:

  • More payment options – Choice is an essential psychological factor that can boost your revenue and profits. The simple act of accommodating the varied payment preferences of your target audience can make customers feel more in control of the transaction even if the bottom line is that they’re spending their money on your products and services.
  • Using AI – You can also take advantage of chatbots to help users discover the solutions they need through the right combination of clicks. These AI tools typically provide consumers with options to choose from and provide solutions according to the keywords they received.
  • Allow customizable deals – If you have the liberty to allow customers to personalize their deals, then, by all means, do so. With this, you’re also giving them the chance to choose the items that they need at a discounted price or with exclusive additional perks.
  1. Maximize employee productivity

Ringless voicemail tools also have other features that improve employee productivity. Software from Call Cowboy has predictive dialers, which eliminate the need for trial-and-error in segregating live numbers from inactive ones in your call list. This function dials multiple numbers and automatically connects your representatives to those who answer.

Boost the efficiency of your sales department by equipping them with tools to achieve their daily targets. Luckily, the software is a cost-effective tool, which means that you get significant rewards with just a little investment.

Check out these tips that can help you and your sales team close more deals:

  • Prospect appropriately – You should look at each prospect as a new chance to make a sale. Create fresh opportunities daily by gathering leads first thing each morning. This way, you increase the likelihood that a portion of them will become paying customers. Moreover, make sure to qualify potential clients and identify what level they’re at in the sales funnel.
  • Be serious about sales calls – View each communication with prospects as a meeting. Block it off on your calendar as a reminder, especially if it’s a follow-up call. Eliminate all forms of possible distractions so that may disrupt the flow of conversation between you and potential clients.
  • Set a time for replying to emails – Instead of replying to emails with lightning-fast speed, it may be better to have a fixed schedule each day on when you can work on your responses to these electronic messages. After setting a time on when to clean up your inbox, you can then work on other tasks for the rest of the day.
  • Improve your CRM – Your customer relationship management (CRM) system can significantly affect the productivity of your sales team. Clean up your database to reduce clutter and see who’s in charge of a particular client at a glance.
  • Encourage referrals – Don’t let rejections get to you. Remember that you can still use them to get referrals. They may not need your product or service at the moment, but they may know someone who does. If you can, try asking for the contact information of their friend so that you can add them to your call list.
  1. Best pitch delivery every time

Another benefit of using ringless voicemail software is that you can be sure that you send the best sales pitch to each prospect. A challenge with real-time communication is that customers can interrupt your mental flow with questions that throw you off guard, which may lead the call to go downhill and waste your investment on that prospect.

With this tool, you have the option to pre-record your voice message. This way, you ensure the quality of your sales pitch by reviewing its content as well as delivery. You can’t do that when you have to speak directly to clients who are already annoyed at you for interrupting them during a meeting or while doing a task that requires their full concentration.

Supplement your ringless voicemail strategy with these cold-calling tactics:

  • Know your prospects – Research is a vital process in business. You must know the personality of your target audience so that you can communicate with them better.
  • Prepare a script – Because you have the option to send a pre-recorded message, you can create a potent script that highlights the strong points of your brand and merchandise. Master its delivery as well for an extra persuasive sales pitch. If you’re worried about adlibbing, you can find cold-calling templates that can help you get started.
  • Keep a positive attitude – Waiting for your prospects to respond can be frustrating. However, you should have confidence in the message you sent to their voicemail and just press on with reaching out to potential customers.
  • Stay updated on trigger events – Trigger events are situations that prospective companies go through that can get your foot in the door with their purchasing department. Stay updated through social media or by turning on Google Alerts for their press releases.
  • Take advantage of social proof – Another way to make prospects see the benefits of your products and services for their needs is to share a story about how your merchandise helped another company or individual with a similar problem.
  1. Higher return call rate

Because customers feel more in control of their response to your sales pitch, you can expect a higher return call rate from them. Unlike traditional cold calls where there’s an increased chance that you catch them at an inopportune time, ringless voicemail makes sure that they understand the details of your sales pitch fully because they get to listen to it when they aren’t busy.

  1. Flexibility of call schedule

Aside from catching your prospects at the best possible time always, ringless voicemail software also provides your sales representatives with flexibility as to when they can make those cold calls. With this tool, your employees won’t have to keep up with the prospects’ time continually.

They can send the pre-recorded message, and potential customers can review it at a convenient time. This factor is also beneficial for you as an employer because you won’t have to worry about spreading out the work shifts of your sales team to accommodate your clients.

  1. Extensive reach

Another reason why this tool has become popular over the years is that it allows companies to reach their prospects on a more substantial scale. It’s no longer about one agent communicating with hundreds of people in their calling list.

With ringless voicemail, you can think big and deliver your sales pitch to your target demographic without spending days in front of the phone. Your message is dropped directly into their voicemail inboxes.

The semi-automation of this process paves the way for an exponential increase in the number of clients contacted. It’s common knowledge in sales that the more people you reach, the higher the likelihood of sales. It’s really just all about the numbers.

  1. No customer charges

Unlike other calls, your prospects won’t be charged a single dime for receiving or opening your voice message. Aside from eliminating the risk that they’ll get annoyed at you for disrupting them during a busy workday, you also avoid irritating them with additional charges on their telephone bill through ringless voicemails.


Ringless voicemail is an ingenious innovation that’s a particularly beneficial tool for your sales department. It has become popular over the years because it allows businesses to reach out to prospects without disturbing them.

This software leads to zero interruptions for your clients while giving them full control of the transaction. You also maximize employee productivity while ensuring that they deliver the best sales pitch every time regardless of their call schedule.

Moreover, ringless voicemail has been found to lead to higher return call rates while reaching more potential customers. Plus, the prospects aren’t charged for opening and listening to the message, which is another positive point for your company.

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