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Want to start a business but hate the home office idea?


More people are starting their own business than ever because it is attractive for many reasons. You are your own boss, you have control over who you work with, who you service, and you can work to the beat of your own drum. Yet the idea of being stuck in a home office every day is not ideal for many people. While some view it as a convenience, others regard it as a dull existence and they miss the social interactions they would otherwise get. If you want to be your own boss but meet new people every day, here are some business ideas that may resonate at a high level.

Start a food truck business

If you want low overhead and low-cost startup, starting your own food truck business could be your perfect option.  As for startup costs, the insurance is significantly lower that a brick and mortar location, you don’t have to pay rent or a mortgage, and the cost of a food truck is roughly 80% cheaper than buying commercial real estate with a full kitchen. Based on your needs, food trucks range from $100K to $300K when you have a high-quality, reputable builder design your mobile kitchen. Never pay for a cheap build; repair bills on poorly made trucks can kill your business. It is smart to invest in a well-made truck using the highest quality parts.  Then all you need to do is yearly routine maintenance. Also, make sure the food truck builder offers the whole package: branding, design, technology, and customizations.

Food trucks are extremely popular, make huge profits, and allow owners to work when and where they want. You can serve your local community, make stops throughout the city, or travel the state. Food trucks are money-making business models that also grant owner’s total freedom to live and work at their pace.

Start a tour company

Do you live in a large city or in an area known for beautiful nature? Consider starting your own tour company. Whether you lead nature lovers along guided hiking trails where they can identify plants and wildlife, or you are giving historical walking tours through your city, a tour company removes you from the office and puts you in a position to meet new people every day. You can even invest in a mini bus and drive tourists through your city on architectural tours. Do you live on the coast? Consider a snorkeling tour where you take groups out and help them identify local fish. The angles are endless!

Become a personal trainer

If you have any previous training in nutrition and fitness, you love the outdoors, and you value working with new people while not being stuck in an office, personal training could be your dream business. First, work with a popular personal trainer in your area and see how they operate and treat clients so you can get a good read on what resonates with you.  You can run boot camps outdoors with groups of people, or go to individual client’s homes and give white-glove service while training people in their home gyms or living rooms.

Do your research

Discover what you love, what you are good at, and see how you can turn it into a business away from a computer screen and office setting. Whether you open the city’s most popular food truck serving homemade Italian recipes passed down form grandma, you educate tourists on your city’s rich history, or you help people lose weight so they can look and feel amazing, make sure your business reflects your heart and dreams.

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