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Want to work abroad? Here’s how to make your dream a reality


We live on a massive planet, but so many of us are rooted to one place because that’s where our work is. You might get an annual two week holiday to somewhere sunny if you’re lucky, but for the most part you probably don’t get to see much of the wider world.

So travelling while you work and earn is the ideal scenario, you’ll add lots of skills and experience to your CV just by being in a different place and you get to make the most of your life without feeling stuck in the rat race.

There is also the massive boost your career can get by broadening your horizons and experience — and learning to operate in other cultures, maybe even in other languages. Here’s how you can turn your dream of working abroad into a reality.

Find an agency

Working abroad can be a little tricky, there are lots of legal implications and visas to sort out, you might need to speak with immigration lawyers and much more to make it a possibility. However, if you work with an agency then they will deal with all of this for you. You’ll pay a fee but it massively simplifies things. They’ll let you know what documents you need and can match you to relevant job listings and more.

Move abroad first

Sometimes it can be easier to find a job once you’re actually moved to the country you want to live in. This can have an element of risk, as there’s always the worry you’ll move out and not be able to find anything. However, if you have good skills or are flexible about what you’re prepared to do then this way could be best. Save up enough money so you can support yourself for a few months, move into your accommodation and start looking for jobs. That way if you need to attend interviews or want to see workplaces in person you’re able to do this.

Get a working holiday visa

Securing a permanent work visa can be really difficult, especially in certain parts of the world. If you dont plan on living there permanently or just want to find out what the destination is about before committing then get a working holiday visa instead. If you decide that you’d like to stay once your holiday visa is coming to an end, it’s important that you get the right documentation since staying and continuing working is a crime.

In some countries, you also need to find companies that are hiring foreign workers and have the permission of their government. For example, in Canada companies need to consider Canada LMIA application to prove to their government that hiring a foreign worker is necessary and they can’t find that workforce among local citizens. Being aware of these details will help you find a job within a short period of time and get hired legally.


Volunteers are always needed across the world. You wont get paid for the work you do, but many schemes will give you free food and accommodation in return for your help. You’ll get to add skills and experience to whatever career you’re in, whether it be teaching, construction, conservation or anything else. And know that you’ve done genuinely good in the world.

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