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Wardrobe tips for the corporate traveller


Having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling with work. here are my wardrobe tips for the corporate traveller.

Throughout that time I’ve learned that planning is crucial to a seamless and productive trip — and that extends to wardrobe planning also.

Most work trips include scheduled meetings, conferences or site visits but there’s also the after- hours social events that you are often required to attend.

A professional appearance at all times is important and you never get a second to chance to make a first impression, therefore planning your wardrobe essentials is key.

Outfit planning and smart packing is the best way to avoid any frantic last minute searching or shopping for work attire, therefore when it comes to wardrobe travel tips, there are a few key guidelines that I stick to:

1. [tweet_quote hashtags=”#traveltips” ]Always dress for the job you want not the job you have.[/tweet_quote] Don’t relax that rule just because you’re away from home.

2.  Ensure your business attire is appropriate, that means nothing see through, too short or too low – these are the 3 golden rules of a stylish yet professional work wardrobe.

3. [tweet_quote hashtags=”#traveltips” ]When travelling, ensure you have plenty of wrap dresses [/tweet_quote]and tops that don’t require any ironing.

4. Personally, I always throw two standard wardrobe items into my travel bag – black trousers and a black jacket – once you have these staples you can you can mix and match tops with both.

5. A pashmina is also a good item when travelling – especially when you are attending conferences as conference rooms are often very cold, as are aircraft.

6. The LBD – The Little Black Dress is another must as it can be used for both daytime meetings and nightime social events – it’s just a case of dressing it up or dressing it down with a black jacket and/or accessories.

7. Regarding items like toiletries, if these are the only reason you are checking in a bag at the airport, it’s often a better idea to transfer your creams into smaller travel size containers that you can take on board, saving you time on arrival.

8. If you are a regular corporate traveller and want to maintain some form of an exercise routine, joining hotel loyalty programs can offer great benefits. Often they offer in-room delivery of fitness apparel, yoga mats, stretch bands and use of an MP3 player. Some hotels even offer guests complimentary use of golf clubs, so it’s always worth doing research on the venue you are staying in to see what services they offer.


About Penny Spencer

Penny Spencer is Managing Director of the Spencer Group of Companies, a successful entrepreneur and a leader in the travel industry, who has built her company from scratch to multi award-winning success. Now adding author to her growing list of achievements, she recently published ‘Love what you do and never work a day in your life’ — a book that uses her own experience to offer advice to others on business and career progression in any industry.