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10 ways to increase your productivity in the office


There are numerous amount of apps out there, promising you that they can help you be more productive, focused and get things done faster. They’re really helpful for some people, but the reality is that you need to change some of your work habits first. No app can help you if you don’t break up with your bad habits.

  1. Less is more

Stop the clutter piling on your desk. If you’re surrounded by a lot of things you don’t actually need, you’ll feel unfocused and stressed out. Make sure you only have a computer, a notebook and a cup of coffee or tea on your desk to avoid distractions. Create a daily habit of office cleaning and tidying your desk to boost your focus.

  1. Add extra shelf and storage space space

Add extra storage space for all of the documents and stationery around you. You can use boxes or folders to sort your files and put them out of your sight until you actually need them. Add some decor on the shelf to personalize your working station. After all, you’ll be spending 8 hours a day on it, make sure you feel good about it.

  1. Organize your files

Prepare a trailer or a box and divide the different types of documents. Create your own system. You can divide them into categories such as To read, To act, To Pass etc. Be sure to put all documents in the right place as soon as you receive them. At the end of every week go to the pile of papers to be sure everything is organized and you’re not forgetting an important deadline.

  1. Plan Refreshment breaks

Our brains need rest breaks in order to keep working and being focused. If you have a long to-do list, it’s easy to convince yourself that staying on your desk until all is done is a good idea. This is a huge mistake. Get out of the office for lunch. Get up of your desk every 2 hours for short breaks. This extra couple of minutes will keep you refreshed and focused during the whole day and you may finish your to-do list way more fast and effective.

  1. Write down your daily goals

It’s not an easy task to track everything you need to do. We’re all humans after all. It happens to procrastinate or lose focus on your tasks. Start each morning by writing your goals and to-dos for the day. Whenever you’re feeling lost you can get back on track with a simple glance at the list.

  1. Take advantage of the commute

If you spend a significant amount of time each morning in commute, why not taking advantage of it? You can read a book or listen to educational podcasts. In the busy days, you can use the time to answer emails, do some brainstorming or create a to-do list for the day. Don’t waste your time on social media when you can use that time to wake up your brain.

  1. Exercise during breaks

Use your rest time to do some exercise instead of scrolling your Instagram feed. Taking a walk or simply being active may actually help improve your focus on work. Getting your blood pumping will make you feel energized and will clear your head.

  1. Let the light in the office

The absence of sunlight can cause anxiety and depression. It’s a well-known fact is that natural light affects our mood in a positive way even we’re not feeling its influence. Bad lighting can cause you a headache and eye pain if you’re glued to the monitor whole day. To stay focused and productive, invest in good white lighting. Obviously, if you work in a big office it’s not always optional. Either way, buy a desk lamp with led (light) lighting or sit closer to the windows if possible.

  1. Upgrade the furniture

You probably spent most of your working day sitting in a chair in front of a desk. If your neck hurts because of the uncomfortable chair, this can cause you your concentration and you can feel frustrated or grumpy. Invest in a good chair which supports your sitting posture and it’s adjustable to the desk height.

  1. Quit multitasking

We’re taught to think that the ability of multitasking is an important skill and we can improve our productivity by mastering it. This is not quite true. If you attempt to do several tasks at once, this can result in losing time and poor execution of the tasks. Make a habit to commit on a single task before moving to the next one. Тhis will ensure a qualitative result.

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