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Workstation decor: 10 ways to improve your work area


Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle at the office or work from home, your workspace is an area that should stimulate the flow of creativity and encourage productivity. Unfortunately, our workstations are, more often than not, cluttered and messy, reflecting an unfriendly environment that limits our inspiration. We outline 10 simple workstation decor ideas that will brighten up the space and boost your mood and productivity

Furthermore, spending your days in a generic office compartment creates a monotonous feeling, which can quickly result in draining a person’s motivation and spirit. Yet, decorating your cubicle is seldom as straightforward as it may sound, seeing that employees usually have to work around restricted creative control. 

Workstation decor: 10 ways to improve your work area

There are many small things, such as shipping flowers to your workstation, that you can do to brighten up your day. So, to help you make your desk or cubicle feel a little less dreary, here are some highly effective solutions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Workstation Decor Idea 1– Decluttering

The first and most crucial step to creating an inspiring cubicle is to clean it up. Clear out the clutter, file the necessary paperwork, and get rid of the rest. To keep it tidy, though, you’ll need a desk organizer in which you can store all your stationery and other necessities. 

There are many cheap but effective ones available to buy, or if you prefer to create your own, you can find various easy DIY projects on the net. 

Workstation Decor Idea 2– Add Some Greenery

Adding a plant or two to your workstation will breathe some life into it. It’ll not only look pretty but also help create a calming feeling and clean the air. However, you might want to consider a low maintenance species that can adapt to low light, such as indoor succulents. These include:

  • Burro’s Tail
  • Flaming Katy
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Aloe Vera
  • Pincushion Cactus
  • Panda Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Roseum

You can easily obtain any of these plants from your local nursery, or if you don’t have the time to shop around, you can also consider using a plant delivery service. Do keep in mind, though, you’re dealing with limited space in your cubicle, so it’s best to settle for mini-sized pieces to avoid sacrificing work space. 

Workstation Decor Idea 3– Bring in Your Own Chair

Bringing in your own office chair is ideal for helping you in your endeavor to transform your workspace as it’s the single most visible item you can alter in your cubicle. If there’s a specific theme, sport, or color that uplifts your spirits, find a seat that resembles it and bring it to work. 

Workstation Decor Idea 4– Apply Washi Tape to the Trimmings

Washi tape is a cheap, multi-purpose item that effectively achieves the goal of making things look better, giving it a more personal look. Thus the conclusion that it would work superbly in your booth. Use it to trim out the top of your desk, around the upper cubicle cupboard, and anywhere else that needs a little color or pattern to create a stimulating mental and visual boost. 

Workstation Decor Idea 5– Customize Your Bookends

Books, in general, make excellent decor if you display them in the right way. Although regular bookends are practical and serve their purpose, they seldom have character. Replacing these with trendy, funky looking ones you get at your local arts and crafts or gift shops, or with custom made ones, will help put a smile on your face, making your day at work more enjoyable.

Creating your own is easy and can be done with inexpensive and unusual items such as old toys or even some heavy rocks. 

Workstation Decor Idea 6– Store and Hide Your Personal Effects and Other Small Items in Compact Boxes

Boxes were designed for storing items. Traditionally they’d be used to keep your garage tidy, organize your pantry, or store various household objects that are no longer in use. Therefore, it’s practical to use compact, artsy ones in your cubicle to keep your personal effects and other small items that would typically lie around.

To obtain the appropriate sized boxes, you can either visit your local gift shop or spray-paint some regular ones and personalize them with whatever decorations come to mind. 

Workstation Decor Idea 7– Consider Hanging Some Glass Jars on the Cubicle Wall

Anyone that dabbles in arts and crafts will tell you that glass jars can easily be repurposed in various cool and convenient ways. Therefore, using them to create something useful for your cubicle isn’t far fetched. Although, merely placing one or two on your desk will look tacky, ultimately defeating the objective.

Instead, consider taking a few and artfully attach them to a piece of wood, then hang the completed item on one of the cubicle walls. 

Workstation Decor Idea 8– Install Hanging Bins on Your Cubicle’s Walls

Installing hanging bins to your cubicle’s walls is an excellent option for helping you keep your desk organized and to make your booth look chic. It’s also an exceptional use of vertical space. 

However, if your employer prohibits you from attaching items to the walls, you can consider placing them in the corner of your desk. They’ll still be visible and accessible and won’t be in your way. 

Workstation Decor Idea 9– Apply Wallpaper

Even though you may not be able to apply actual wallpaper to your cubicle walls, you can substitute it for wrapping paper, upholstery fabric, or even pin up draperies to achieve the same look and feel. As a result, you’ll end up with a customized and personality-filled workspace.

Workstation Decor Idea 10– Decorate Your Workspace With Your Photos and Pictures

It’s said that having visual memories around you that you can glance at multiple times during the workday brings on feelings of happiness and satisfaction, and it relaxes the mind. Therefore, hanging up artwork that you’re fond of or memories you love in your cubicle will inspire and motivate you to be more creative and productive.

Yet, merely pinning some pictures to your booth’s wall lacks creativity and takes the pleasure out of customizing your workspace. Instead, consider hanging a wire of sorts across the top of your cubicle (high enough so it won’t cover the PC screen), then use clothespins, or other similar products, to attach your favorite photos. 

To Wrap Up

No one enjoys spending 40 plus hours a week in a dreary, dull-looking workstation. By cleaning your booth and installing hanging bins, boxes, and other storage units, you can optimize the cubicle’s space. Continue by adding your favorite photos, some greenery, and customized bookends, and you’ll soon end up with a personalized workspace that’s optimized to boost happiness, stimulate creativity, and encourage productivity.


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