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Programming the programmers: 5 ways to lead software developers


Does your business have a software development team or division? Perhaps the core function of your company is to produce desktop and mobile applications? Whatever the purpose of your business, there is no denying that software development is a task that has to be efficiently managed.

Just like with staff that carries out other functions, software developers need clearly defined leadership. It enables them to complete their work in accordance with the processes and goals of the business.

As you can appreciate, a business that doesn’t have good leaders will seldom become successful and be a profitable brand in the market. If you want to make sure that your software developers do a great job and don’t feel lost with their work, these 5 ways will help you to be a better leader to them.

1. Don’t micromanage your development team

It’s crucial that you give your programming staff autonomy when it comes to carrying out their daily duties. Sure, you want them to complete their work by following particular processes. But, when there are problems to solve, you should give them the freedom to come up with solutions that work best for them.

Remember: just because some people follow a particular logic doesn’t mean there isn’t a better or more efficient alternative!

2. Make sure you’ve got what it takes to lead a successful team

Whether you like to admit it or not, some people just aren’t good leaders. But, the reason for that might be down to a lack of training or understanding rather than personality. If you want to manage a kick-ass team of coding ninjas, you need to know what you’re talking about.

Your staff will look to you for direction, inspiration, and assistance at times. Consider a Scrum master certification course to help you be a more effective leader.

3. Delegate non-development tasks to other teams

The reason why your company has hired your programming team is that they are good at churning out code. With that in mind, who said it is a good idea for them to come up with project budget forecasts or attend organizational meetings that bear no relevance to their work?

You are paying your programmers to do development work. They analyze code, not business plans. Delegate the non-development tasks that are part of your project to those that are better suited to completing those things.

4. Give your team opportunities to qualify any requirements

You can’t expect your software developers to carry out their work if you’re asking them to do something that doesn’t make sense! It’s important to give your development team opportunities to question goals or tasks that just don’t make sense to them.

You might find that something is part of your project that should have been removed from the list of requirements during the initial discussion stages!

5. Don’t overload your team

Last, but not least, don’t be a bad leader by giving your developers too many jobs to complete! Instead, it makes sense to build a team of programmers that handle small amounts of tasks.

Doing so means that your team will produce higher-quality results. Plus, there will be less time needed for coding bug fixes!

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