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5 Ways to make your team more productive


Having a productive team is very important and if you don’t think that your team is working as effectively as they could be then you need to take some steps to fix this. There are many different things that you can do to make your team productive including things lie organising team building days or giving people more positions of leadership in the office. In this article we are going to give you some advice on how to achieve this so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Offer more leadership positions

The first way that you can make your team more productive is to give some promotions to those who deserve it. Giving people a little more power over their team will help them to feel like they have an important job to do and they will be more willing to get the work done. Think about organising for there to be team leaders in each of your teams and give them some extra tasks to do.

Give recognition

Employees love to be recognised for the work that they do so if you want to make your team more productive, you should think about giving out some more recognition. To do this, you should talk to the team leaders that you have appointed and find out how they have been coping with their workload. Ask for recommendations for employee of the month and give some recognition to those employees who have been doing their job well. This will make the others strive to be more productive in the future.

Organise a team day

Another great way to make your team more productive is to organise a team building day. You’ll find that when you organise team building activities, your team will be excited to take the day out of the office. During the day, they’ll spend some time together, improve their communication skills and enjoy taking a break from their work load. With rewards like team building days, your team will be more motivated in the future.

Leave them to it

Are you always interfering with the work that your team are doing? This might actually be affecting the level of productivity that is happening in your workplace, so this is something that you should avoid. Think about leaving your team to work by themselves and not hovering over them when you think that they need a bit more guidance. Make sure to make yourself available through communication channels and when they need help they’ll come to you. Give them time to work through problems by themselves and they’ll get a lot more work done.

Use automated software

Our final tip for those who are trying to make their team more productive is to make use of automated software. You might find that team members are spending a long time working on tasks that are not of much importance, but they need to be done. This can then mean that they don’t have time to get to the real work and so they struggle to meet targets. To combat this, get some automated software to organise things like payroll, invoices and scheduling and you’ll find that they have a lot more time for the important tasks.

If you are trying to make your team more productive, you should think about taking all of our advice on board and making some changes. Once you do, you’ll find that they are striving towards their goals more often and are getting tasks done a lot quicker than they were before.

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