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Different ways to track your marketing progress


A marketing strategy is defined as the overall plan for targeting potential consumers and converting them into loyal customers of the products and services your business offers. For any business, having a strong marketing strategy is incredibly essential. That said, it’s great to track your marketing efforts so you can maximize your results.

Just like any other entrepreneur, you need to know which of your marketing campaigns is actually doing well. After all, your business objective is to offer the best possible products or services to your customers. To provide top-notch service, you have to get the right information. That’s where marketing analytics and tracking methods enter into the picture.

For instance, analyzing and tracking your marketing progress comes with great benefits.  From measuring your marketing performance to knowing what your customers are telling you, and building a strong online reputation, using some ways to track your marketing efforts can be useful.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways of monitoring your marketing progress.

Google analytics

If you plan to promote an ad in digital or print format, creating a landing page on your website can be a great idea. Here, anyone who finds the ad can obtain more information.

With the use of Google Analytics, you can monitor the number of people who come to your site using some SEO keywords. As a result, you’ll be able to know the progress of your marketing efforts and your organic traffic over time.

Moreover, Google Analytics is considered as one of the most effective tracking tools working today. It works by just copying a tracking code into the bottom part of your landing page. From there, Google Analytics will summarize all the data, which makes it possible for you to track the success of your marketing and SEO efforts.

So, if you want to demonstrate how your organic traffic is growing over time, look for the best reporting solutions online that allow you to quickly and efficiently track your SEO progress.

Phone tracking

Ideally, it’s great to know that your business phone is continuously ringing. However, when the phone rings, it doesn’t mean you get all the valuable information that can boost your marketing efforts. This is where call tracking comes in.

In today’s digital world, call tracking is one of the most effective and accessible ways you can take advantage of when it comes to marketing campaigns. If you use call tracking technology, you’ll be able to determine what marketing strategies are producing the highest number of calls.

In phone tracking, you’ll use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to designate various phone numbers to different visitors according to the source they use to search for you. It means that someone who found you on Facebook will call a different number than someone who discovered you through a Google Ad. This setup allows you to track the person who is calling and figure out which marketing plan campaign is effective.

Moreover, phone tracking isn’t just essential during the implementation of your marketing campaign. Once it’s fully implemented, you can use the insights obtained to assess your game plan and make tweaks to your business as much as possible. You’ll also know what needs to be improved to get the most out of your results.

CRM tracking

When it comes to tracking marketing campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM) tracking is also one of the most powerful tools used by many companies.

By taking advantage of CRM tracking, you’ll be able to sort your prospective customers through a campaign ID, referral program. This can give you secure and real-time access to determining how far your marketing campaigns are going.

In addition, using CRM platforms enables you to make personalized profiles for your prospective customers and list down their personal information, such as their names, contact number, and other sources that can help you understand your company.

Remember, your customers are vital to the success of your business, so you have to identify which marketing efforts are useful for them. If you keep track of your marketing progress, anything that your customers are saying about your business can be revealed. As a result, you’ll be a step closer toward giving the customers what they’re looking for.

Ad network conversion tracking

All ad channels, such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Instagram, or Bing Ads, come with a conversion tracking tool. These tools are crucial in tracking your marketing progress since they allow you to check whether your marketing campaigns are working and paying off. Also, tracking allows you to learn how the audience responds to your marketing campaigns and, in turn, you’ll get an idea of what your online reputation is. Once you get a sense of where you stand, you’ll be able to work on the problem or improve your marketing strategies in the long run.

By using Ad network conversion tracking, you can get important information about sign-ups, phone calls, and new sales. This can also be an excellent way to gain more insights about your marketing strategies and see if there are progress.

KPI tracking

KPI, or key performance indicator, tracking is also one of the best ways to monitor your marketing progress. It records the results obtained from the methods listed above for easy and quick review. Take note that any data which provides insights about the performance of your marketing can be used as a key performance indicator. By tracking the KPIs and place them together in one list, you’ll be able to figure out the progress of your marketing efforts.

For example, you can use an SEO report to measure and track your KPIs and your marketing activities.


Ideally, monitoring your marketing means measuring your business performance. As a business owner, you have to know whether your marketing strategies are working or not. And by tracking, you’ll know if a considerable number of people engage with your campaigns.

Therefore, no matter what type of business you operate, the tracking methods mentioned above are essential to growing your company more effectively and responsibly. Remember, keeping track of your marketing progress will allow you to see when and where the most sales are made and figure out any missed opportunities.

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