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What is your innovation?


Have you noticed that there is a cumbersome way of thinking within our society which chooses how we think, believe and live? Do we sometimes take the easy way and accept what we are being told, without questioning the why, or challenge the way we do something?

Why is our focus on stifling our culture rather than encouraging or influencing a dreamer or innovator? Don’t we want to inspire someone to create the next big thing or discover a medical cure or break scientific boundaries. People that innovate are Game Changers who shake society’s warped perception of what should be — to what can be. What is innovation? It’s a choice.

Walt Disney created a company that has grown into a $155 billion business but he was actually fired by his news editor because he lacked imagination and had no good ideas. Katharine Graham became the first CEO of a fortune 500 company and editor of the Washington Post in 1972. She had no female role models and men struggled to take her seriously. Author JK Rowling was a single mum on welfare when she wrote the Harry Potter books. She faced 12 rejections from publishers and now estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars. Oprah Winfrey endured a rough and often abusive childhood as well as numerous career setbacks including being fired from her job as a television reporter because she was “unfit for TV.”

There are countless dreamers out there who were born to disrupt, innovate & challenge the status quo. It can be difficult to push against the heaviness and the rigid culture, forcing you back into accepting the norm. Friends and family can be the biggest culprits by influencing you to stop thinking outside the box, not to take the risk and undermine your abilities. You forget how to innovate your own dream so you go and build someone else’s — on their terms, from their blueprint, for their own agenda.

What you won’t realise is that in 35 years when you are ready to retire and look back on your life what will you think? What legacy did you leave? What change did you make? What impact did you have? Did you listen to those who pulled you down and submit to what was normal?

Or did you grow a backbone, took a risk to innovate and do something incredible.

About Aveline Adams

Over the last 7 years, Aveline Adams is a marking manager who has developed and managed countless marketing initiatives, from full re-brands through to targeted strategic brand campaigns for multiple organisations. Now a new mum on maternity developing her own business, writing articles that inspire women in business, motherhood and lifestyle. She believes that success and wisdom is not defined by gender or age, but by purpose and the drive to achieve.

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