What the video game industry can teach business about marketing


This guide outlines how you can use the marketing tactics the video game industry has tapped into to build incredible growth.

One of the biggest industries in entertainment as of late is video and online gaming. The video game industry was valued at 198.40 billion alone in 2021 and is expected to reach new heights by 2027 and an estimated 339.95 billion in value. In fact, there are around 2.5 billion people around the world playing games on places like casinospel across a variety of demographics. It’s not just computer geeks sitting in their bedrooms anymore. People across age ranges and genders, as well as professions, are all getting into gaming; playing their favourites on websites, consoles and purpose-built apps.

Video game industry marketing tactics you can use

The success of many video game industry sites these days has been increasingly dependent on innovative forms of marketing. This article explores how gaming websites are using marketing to get ahead and get an advantage over the competition.


From TikTok and Instagram to Twitch and Discord, video game industry marketeers are using influencers to take their strategies to the next level. Using influencers to promote or engage with a product is one of the ways to gain an audience for a brand.

Instagram followings can range from the thousands all the way through to the millions, and followers are looking for recommendations or suggestions from influencers that they trust. Whether a company is launching a new game onto their website or promoting offers or bonuses, utilising influencers as part of their strategy is key.

They don’t always come cheap, with fees for single ads alone being expensive for the top influencers. Some of the biggest social influencers, especially those on gaming platforms like Twitch, can earn up to $250,000 for a single post. Expensive? Definitely. But it can be well worthwhile as a way of selling a product.

Creating a compelling blog

Maintaining a regular output of blogs that use smart SEO is one of the ways to drive traffic to a video game industry site and market the gaming project. Embedding content with keywords attracts new users while also sharing information on their gaming services or new products.

Blogs are also great content that can be shared on social media. The blogs themselves don’t always need to cover the exact promoted product to drive traffic to your site. When in doubt, reach out to an SEO specialist who will be able to add value to your marketing efforts.

Promotions and Offers

Promotions and offers are one of the key ways that video game industry companies attract new audiences to their website as well as rewarding loyal customers and keeping them coming back. An example of a promotion is a bonus for signing up, which gives players who are new some free money to use to play.

But with such a saturated marketplace, gaming sites need to retain the customers and players they do have on their site. Many do this by regularly sharing promotions, or through VIP programmes. The VIP or membership programmes work by allowing members to accumulate ‘points’ as they play, which they can later use to access different rewards. It’s much more difficult to bring on new customers than to keep existing ones, which is why VIP programmes have become a top priority for gaming sites.

Video Content

When it comes to creating marketing content, video is definitely top-tier as it leads to more engagement from consumers. It especially lends itself to the gaming marketplace, with six of YouTube’s top ten channels being connected to the gaming sector. Gamers just don’t like to play games.

These days, many are watching them too, and checking into live-streams of influencers and their favourite stars gaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Investing in video content and getting to understand the space is incredibly important these days as part of any marketing strategy – especially for the video game industry space.

Capitalise on social media

Social media is one of the best places to get a message across and a key hub to capitalise on for video game industry marketeers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all essential platforms when it comes to getting key messages about a product or service across.

Analytics tools are also great ways to learn more about an audience and how content is being engaged with. Tracking analytics over time can lead to some really important data about how well an advertising or promotional campaign is going and if it is translating to all-important sales and engagement.

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