What to do if you’ve been scammed: Global Refund Group review


This guide outlines what to do if you’ve been scammed, with advice and steps from the Global Refund Group to recover losses.

If you’ve found this guide, then chances are you’re looking for a reliable way to deal with an online scam and want to know exactly what to do if you’ve been scammed. This complete Global Refund Group review will give you everything you need to know about the company and what it can do to help online scam victims.

We understand just how difficult this situation can be. We’ve seen so many people go through it before, and it seems like online scams are only becoming more common. That’s why our Global Refund Group review will let you know how this company can help you and what you can expect.

What to do if you’ve been scammed

If you don’t have time to read our full review right now, we’d like to at least present a few of the main points we’ve determined about Global Refund Group.

  1.     Global Refund Group provides services for the victims of just about any type of scam – whether you’ve had money taken through credit cards, wire transfers, or even crypto.
  2.     Global Refund Group provides a streamlined process that makes taking action easy for online scam victims, regardless of their financial or technical expertise.
  3.     Global Refund Group only employs seasoned professionals who know how to help and deliver quality service from start to finish.
  4.     Global Refund Group has helped many people get their money back and take action against scammers, as can be seen from the positive reputation they have from past clients.

Based on these main points alone, we strongly recommend Global Refund Group to any online scam victims wondering what to do if you’ve been scammed. We’d also like to point out that they offer free initial consultations, so you can find out for yourself whether or not they’re the right fit for your needs. If you want to find out more right now, you can continue reading our complete Global Refund Group review.

What to do if you’ve been scammed using a credit card: Chargeback

Global Refund Group offers a variety of services that can help in different situations, but one of the most sought-out is their chargeback service. This service, in particular, helps online scam victims who have sent funds to scammers via credit card. If you need to know what to do if you’ve been scammed because you’ve sent funds to online scammers using a credit card, you might have done so through the following methods:

  •       Direct credit card payments
  •       Payment through fake websites or platforms created by scammers
  •       Payment through third-party services to send credit card funds

In any case, Global Refund Group can provide effective chargeback results. The fact that you used your credit card in the first place means that your case is likely able to use the existing chargeback system to secure a refund.

What Are Chargebacks?

Chargebacks are an important part of the way credit cards work. Basically, chargebacks are a dispute method that’s baked into the system to make sure that both consumers and merchants have a way to address fraud. However, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to use.

Your credit card issuer likely has steep requirements for a successful chargeback. You can’t just call them up and say you’d like your money back. You must establish the illegitimacy of transactions and navigate the arbitration process successfully, or your money is gone for good.

Professional Chargeback Support

The support Global Refund Group provides can mean the difference between getting your money back or losing it for good. Their team has a fundamental understanding of the chargeback process. In fact, they employ many former credit card companies and payment processor employees who know the system inside and out.

They know what your credit card issuer needs to see to return your funds, and they know how to prepare and file it properly for an expedited refund. Their investigation team also plays a key role here, establishing critical details about the scammers and their organization to speed through the arbitration step.

Global Refund Group deals with payment processors in their own language, showing them that you’re a true victim of an online scam and that the transactions must be reversed.

Real-World Chargeback Success

We read through many user reviews for Global Refund Group that their past clients have left on a variety of review platforms. Based on the typical responses we’ve seen, it’s clear that Global Refund Group provides real-world chargeback success for their clients.

Most of the client reviews showed successful refunds, many having recovered massive chunks of their savings they thought were gone for good. Working with Global Refund Group for your chargeback is among the most effective ways to get your money back and get it back quickly.

Investigative reports

Global Refund Group also carries out thorough investigations to provide support for online scam victims. These investigations aren’t limited to cases involving credit cards or other standard payment processors but extend to wire transfers, crypto payments, and other methods.

You could find yourself having sent funds to scammers in any number of ways that don’t provide a clear path to recourse. Dealing with banks or even local law enforcement on your own is often a dead end. They may not believe you, and if they do, they don’t have the specific technical knowledge needed to contend with modern scammers.

Expert Investigative Services

When you reach out to Global Refund Group for support, they can provide investigative services that go beyond what other options deliver. As scammers have continued to evolve, Global Refund Group has kept pace with their methods and developed unique skills and strategies for uncovering their deception.

The team at Global Refund Group takes advantage of both long experience and the latest tech to get the job done. Whether dealing with wire transfers or crypto, they can link the digital evidence left behind to real-world organizations and individuals. Scammers might think they’re anonymous, but there are always vital details that experts can use to piece together the truth.

Your Investigation Report

Once their investigation is complete, you’ll receive a full investigation report from Global Refund Group. We checked out Global Refund Group reviews from their past clients and saw that these reports really do help online scam victims.

With clear insight into the organizations and individuals that have scammed you and their associates, you can deal with agencies and regulators more effectively. Most agencies aren’t prepared or don’t have the resources for this level of investigation. Coming to them with that information in hand provides better results in resolving your situation and getting them to act on dealing with scammers.

Other help for what to do if you’ve been scammed

Global Refund Group is an organization that is committed to fighting online scams. In addition to the direct support that they provide for scam victims, they carry out other activities that help shift the tide against scammers.

They provide insight and guidance on how to avoid scams through their website. They also maintain information on known scams, helping potential victims stay away from them. This is particularly helpful when avoiding online investment scams, which can go to great lengths to appear legitimate. Maintaining information about those scams lets potential victims quickly identify them as such.

Global Refund Group also provides information to the appropriate regulators and agencies to combat scams. Their investigators determine where scam operations are actually working from, so that action can be taken under the proper jurisdiction.

Our Global Refund Group has found that their team is actively helping not only their clients but all potential victims of these scam organizations.


We’ve evaluated the services that Global Refund Group provides and found them to be highly beneficial for online scam victims. The many positive online reviews we’ve seen from their past clients say the same thing. This is a trustworthy and effective company that provides a real path forward for scam victims to attain the resolution they’re looking for.

Our Global Refund Group review ranks this company as one of the best when it comes to both chargeback services and investigative support. If you’re dealing with any kind of scam, we think it’s in your best interest to call them for a free consultation today.

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