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Negative reviews: What’s causing yours and how do you fix them?


Are you struggling with negative reviews for your company? If that’s the case, then you need to think about tackling this issue head-on. The problem with negative reviews is that they can be enough to stop customers from committing to a purchase of your product. Indeed, a lot of consumers claim they trust reviews as much as a direct opinion from a family member or friend. So, how do you deal with negative reviews?

How to fix the causes of negative reviews

Ideally, you need to address the causes of the ill-feeling towards your company. Here are a few of the possibilities.

Logistical trouble

Customers are always going to hate it if there’s an issue with deliveries in your business model. They want to ensure that they can get any product that they order without delay. They also want as much control as possible over deliveries. As such, you shouldn’t leave them wondering when a product is going to arrive. It’s easy to avoid this with the latest tracking solutions that are readily available on the market these days, but that’s just the beginning.

You might also want to think about giving them a few different options for deliveries including local pickup. Some customers prefer this compared to waiting for a product to arrive at their door.

A lot of businesses these days outsource logistics to save money. This makes a lot of sense, however, you do need to carefully vet any company that you think about working with. It’s vital that you know they will deliver the quality of service that your customers demand.

Remember, if there’s an issue with the support provided here it’s going to reflect poorly on your business rather than the logistics service itself.

Slow response times

You do need to make sure that you are responding to queries from customers as quickly as possible. This is true whether they want to know when a product will be available or if they have an issue with a product that they already purchased. You should never leave your customers on hold or waiting for an answer that they need to commit to a purchase.

You can explore a call handling service to deal with this issue ad improve customer service. That way, you can get customer support experts on your team who will happily take care of any problems that your clients have. You can also think about adding a chatbot to your website.

The benefit of a chatbot is that it will provide customers with the illusion that they are immediately interacting with your business. The main point is that you need to live up to the promises that you make. If you claim on your website that you get back to customers in 24 hours, that’s exactly what you should do.

There is a wide range of options when ensuring that you connect to customers without a delay. For instance, you can think about connecting through social media. It’s a great way to answer the queries of a wide range of customers.

 Bad experiences

It is possible that a major problem in your business model is that customers are having poor experiences with a few of your employees. Usually, this will be because a few of your team members aren’t providing the same quality of service as the rest of your company team. One of the ways that you can deal with this is by making sure that you do invest in training for your team members. It’s always better to train your team rather than deciding to cut them loose immediately. Getting rid of employees will always cost you a lot of money in the long term.

You also need to make sure that you are completing regular temperature checks in your business model. Find out whether there’s any reason why your employees are failing to deliver the right quality of service. This could ultimately be because they are unhappy with your business. You’ll need to take steps to change this situation and get them back on your side.

Products not built to last

You do need to make sure that any products that you provide to customers are built to last. If you fail to do this, then it is going to be an issue that is present in your reviews. You might find that customers do come back months after a purchase to drop a negative review. This is why it’s important to have the right quality checks in place. For instance, for electrical devices, you should be using a cable overmolding solution to guarantee that cables do remain durable in the long term, rather than fraying or having other problems. You should also think about your return policy. Taking full responsibility for defective products will provide customers with the peace of mind they need to commit to a purchase.

Prices are too high

Finally, it could be a simple matter of your price point being too high. It’s absolutely vital that you do the research and find out how much consumers are expecting to pay as well as how much they are willing to pay. Bear in mind that the two can be remarkably different.

If your prices are too high and you can’t afford to drop them, you need to explore ways to make your business more efficient. This could be as simple as investing in the right tech to speed up key processes.


We hope this helps you understand some of the reasons why you could be earning negative reviews from customers and the steps you can take to correct the situation. If you make the right moves here, then you will be able to guarantee that your business is in a far stronger position on the market. Don’t forget that around 80% of customers will not buy a product or commit to a service until they have checked out reviews for a business. So, it’s vital that you do correct any issues here that could be plaguing your company. Often this is just a matter of showing customers you care about their opinion.

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