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What’s your story? using videos to build your brand


Effective marketing gurus know the power of telling a story and how it engages the target audience. What better way of telling a story other than through a video. The story needs to be engaging, compelling, and helpful in one of your key brand goals – to ensure people perceive your brand the way you want them to.

How can you use video to ensure returns that are worth the effort you are putting in?

The story within

Tell your own personal story. Something that led you to your business – the product you chose or the service you decided to offer. How you thought it would help someone. Nothing engages someone more than telling your own story – the ups and the downs you went through; what lessons you learned; and how you decided to do what you do. Saying it in your own words creates great impact.

Live testimonials

Would one of your customers agree to come on video? What better way of letting your product or service speak than through the voice of a customer and have them say how they have been helped. Done authentically, it creates that great feeling of a positive cascade effect – a potential customer can be inclined to think – if it has worked for them, it can work for me.

Educating and informing

Yes, it’s marketing and yes, it’s about selling your product or service – but if that is the end result of how you have helped someone with what they needed, then, it is a winning game. How can you educate and inform your audience? Can you give instructional how-to’s that can tease a bit about what is coming, but, at the same time give meaningful advice and information that is truly beneficial to your client and makes it worth their while to spend time watching your video? Heartfelt genuineness is always sensed and felt.  It will create trust around your brand that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Consistency. consistency. consistency

Do you have your niche defined? Do you have some topics within that niche lined up?  Do you have a series of videos thought out that will roll out at a regular schedule?  Are your videos reflecting the same visual feel as your other branding material like your logo, website, and social media platforms? The same branding ‘rules’ that apply to your other marketing materials will apply here too.  So people are crystal clear that it’s the same brand that they are following.

Call to action

One of the main reasons you want to use video marketing is to build your brand and help people understand how you want to help them. A gentle nudge in the form of a ‘call to action’ is necessary if you want to put your potential customer on the action path – what do you want them to do? Click on a button for a complimentary session? Sign up for a newsletter? Go to your social media pages? Make sure you know what you want your audience to do and incorporate that into your video.

Creating online videos along with having a quality distribution channel for them is an investment that will work for you around the clock. Using these tips will help you reach more people and save a lot of time.

About Kim Speed

Kim Speed is a brand visibility expert, speaker, trainer, recipient of the 2019 Most Influential Business Woman in Brand Development and Amazon best-selling author of Branding on a Shoestring. How to recreate your small business identity and increase sales results in 83 days or less. Purple Moon Creative Brand and Marketing Boutique shares her brand expertise and her marketing skills with growing small business owners to help them become visible, connected and profitable.

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