When women don’t stop sexism: Erin Molan quits KIIS FM


What happens when women don’t stop sexism? The question has to be asked as, once again, the notorious ‘Kyle and Jackie-O show’ has been under scrutiny and at the centre of controversy. After appearing on the KiisFM radio show, Channel 9 sports presenter Erin Molan, who is best known for her NRL Footy Show role, was left offended and uncomfortable after being asked inappropriate questions and being the target of inappropriate remarks from host Kyle Sandilands. As a consequence, Molan has decided to leave her job with the ‘Kyle and Jackie-O show’.

The segment was initially meant to be a weekly segment called ‘Let’s Get to Know Erin’. However, after the recent broadcast in which she was subjected to the remarks from callers and then Sandilands,  she has decided not to return.

While there has been considerable attention given to the shocking behaviour she received from Sandilands,  I would like to turn your attention to the women who let this behaviour continue — including Sandilands’ co-presenter Jackie-O, and the female caller.

The shock began for 26-year-old Molan after the producers let through a caller who said she had seen her on the NRL Footy Show, and asked if she had a boob job. Molan was understandably not going to by into the conversation.

“That is an incredibly personal question,” Molan said. “You know what … I’m going to take the fifth on that one and say, ‘you know what, I’m happy with my rig the way it is’’’ she added.

Jackie-O and her comment of “you don’t have to answer that” doesn’t’ cut it. Laughing about it all doesn’t make it okay either.

The offensive slam kept going as the next caller (a woman) asked which male athletes Molan had sexual encounters with. The slander continued, getting worse with each second that went by. Sandilands took it to an even lower level, calling Erin’s family members cocaine addicts.

Erin proudly revealed that her siblings had careers in teaching, law and piloting. To this Sandilands replied with; “They’re probably all coke-heads.” 

The radio station KiisFM have since apologised to the young sports journalist, however Sandilands has not.

At The Business Woman, we would like to point out the missed opportunity by Sandilands’ co-host Jackie-O throughout the proceedings. Yes, she did casually laugh off the situation and also try and show a basic level of support. But this is not enough. If Jackie-O had shut the smutty and insulting chatter down immediately, thousands of young girls and young women would have seen what it means to stand up against sexist and demeaning behaviour.

What chance do women have if other women just sit there and let this sort of thing occur?

Now despite Molan’s reluctance to comment any further, her message was loud and strong for all females who could possibly be facing a similar situation.

“To every young woman out there and every person out there, you determine your worth and if you feel you’re ever in a situation where you are not being treated with respect or the way you are being treated is not acceptable to you then you have every right to walk away and every right to stand up for yourself,” Molan said.

Despite her lack of support by another woman, Erin Molan is a role model for women across the globe. Showing us the power of quitting and saying no – all in the name of self respect and serious success.

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