When women turn on other women in the public domain


Women journalists should be expected to be some of the most supportive promoters of other women. After all, they’ve generally had to struggle to get where they are, and they’re too intelligent not to know how heavily the world is stacked against women.

But it seems any support is highly conditional. They’ll support women unless they can do a hatchet job on them in the media. We saw this happen with President Barak Obama’s wife Michelle Obama, and now we’re going to see it with women associated with President-elect Donald Trump.

Lizzy Crocker from The Daily Beast thought it would be a good idea to take the hatchet to Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

This is essentially the journalistic equivalent of Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police franchise that roasts women on the red carpet. Except that Rivers tried to always be – albeit outrageously — comic about it. Crocker is simply sneering.

Yes, Ivanka’s social media ‘family’ marketing images are highly polished and buffed — but that’s little different to the ubiquitous use of filters by … well, just about everybody.

If you are going to criticise a public figure, at least find something of substance to target. Her business performance, her growth strategies, even her products. All fair game. Her social media photos might be contrived… but how is that newsworthy? It’s not demeaning or damaging for other women, it’s not even unusual.

This is a great example of what we often discuss here at Business Woman Media: the all-too-common Tall Poppy Syndrome. Just because a woman has a high profile, there are attempts to cut her down by whatever means. In this case, highly spurious means.

Women often complain that men are the reason we aren’t progressing. However what is a woman to do when her business efforts are publicly made fun of by another woman? Or her life decisions are questioned … by another woman?

Isn’t equality about ensuring women’s economic efforts are supported and her choices (whatever they may be) are of her own free will?

What a shame to have another example of women white-anting other women’s achievements instead of focusing on the positives… or even the real issues.  You know: what we have always wanted for women — to be able to be a wife, mother and successful woman all at the same time.

Obviously that can only be the case for a handful of women, the rest of us must wait to be ripped to pieces publicly by our sisterhood.


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  1. kate.middleton@censeo.com.au'

    Kate Middleton - CEO Censeo Engineering

    January 11, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Another great and very relevant article Amanda.

    • Karla Pincott

      January 22, 2017 at 9:51 am

      We love your great and relevant advice too, Kate!

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