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Why a career change to nursing can upgrade your work life


This guide outlines the benefits of making a career change to nursing, and the advantages it offers your career path.

Changing your career can feel a little frightening. It feels comfortable doing something that you know. Trying something else is a little unnerving. But stepping through that pain barrier is essential. If you don’t do it, you’ll miss out on so many opportunities. 

Reasons to make a career change to nursing

In this guide, we take a look at some of the reasons why you should upgrade your career now with a career change to nursing. Check them out below. 

Get More Satisfaction From Your Life

People need to progress. If we don’t feel like we’re moving forward in our lives as women, we can feel depressed. We want to continually expand our possibilities, not feel like we are shrinking back and fading away. 

Changing your career, therefore, is a great way for getting more satisfaction from your life. With a career change to nursing, you challenge yourself with new and more challenging work and eventually management responsibilities. 

Improve Your Earning Power

Changing your career is also the best possible way to improve your earning power, particularly if you’re in a dying industry. One hundred years ago, horse and cart drivers weren’t doing particularly well, thanks to the invention and widespread adoption of the automobile. And today, that’s the case in many similar industries that machines will soon replace, particularly manual labor jobs. However, a career change to nursing is pretty much guaranteed to not face the threat of automation — regardless of medical and technological advancements, health care will always require the human touch.

You also increase your personal value by finding a better position in an industry that is growing as the world population ages. Earning power increases not only because you switch to a more lucrative industry, but also because you gain more position and status with a career change to nursing from more everyday jobs. 

Do Something That You Care About

Becoming an insurance salesman might give you enough money to earn a living, but it probably won’t provide you with the significance and satisfaction that you crave. You want to feel like you’re doing something valuable with your time.

That’s why so many women choose to get a nursing degree. When they have a healthcare qualification for a career change to nursing, they can actively help people recover from medical conditions. The same applies to people who go into holistic health, counselling or any other activity that adds massive value to other people’s lives. 

Doing something you care about requires finding a purpose that goes beyond yourself. It can be other people, your faith, or just a general mission to improve the world in some way. 

Add More Interest To Your Life

Staying on the same career path, year after year, can feel a little dull sometimes. Doing the same tasks every day for 10 years means that you get very good at them, but your life can begin to feel like it lacks variety. 

A career change to nursing can disrupt this and make you feel entirely different about your work. You always need a little uncertainty to feel like you’re living the best life that you can lead. 

You Can More Easily Self-Promote

Once you display a certain level of competence on one level, the people around you will be willing to allow you to go to the next. Eventually, you’ll become very good at selling yourself, being able to point out all the things that you’ve done over the years and how they increased your value. 

What to expect with a career change to nursing

To help you choose, let’s talk a little more about a career change to nursing. After all, why can it be a good choice for you? Here are some points in this training that can help answer this question:

1. Be important in times of vulnerability

The nurse has a very important role in patient care. In the case of those in a more serious state, he assumes the role of nursing technician because it is necessary to have more technical knowledge and be able to make immediate decisions. That is, in these situations, the nurse has a direct action in the care of patients. However, in most cases, the nurse supervises the work of technicians and assistants.

In addition, the professional in the area can also make nursing consultations. This activity is very common in basic health units, where nurses give guidance on diabetes, hypertension, women’s health and prenatal care, for example.

Nursing professionals are also responsible for the hygiene and positioning of patients in beds, for care actions for the sick to avoid infections, for defining the number of times when patients’ vital signs will be checked, among other attributions.

In the operating rooms, nurses prepare patients for the operation, explaining how the procedure will be, doing their hygiene and taking care of their food. It is these professionals who record in the medical record everything that was done and the signs demonstrated by the patient at each stage.

When working with rescue nursing, the nurse attends victims of disasters such as landslides, fires and floods, or even accidents, particularly when a cyclist is in an accident, being an active member of the rescue team in these situations.

2. Coordinate health teams

The nurse not only composes, but is also usually the coordinator of the multidisciplinary teams that work in the health system, especially in the basic units. These groups are usually formed by doctor, nurse, social worker, nutritionist, psychologist, therapist, pharmacist and dentist.

In this case, in addition to the responsibilities already mentioned in relation to patients, nursing professionals make reports, and other crucial duties in addition to often taking care of the entire management of a health center.

3. Possibility to choose between several areas of activity

As in medicine, the nursing professional can also choose between several areas to work and to specialize. Among other options that this professional has ahead of him, we can mention the following:

Dermatological Nursing: in this area, the nurse assists the patient in the prevention of injuries, care, early diagnosis and skin treatments. Its performance ranges from the aesthetic part to the treatment of ulcers and burns, among other cases;
Home Care Nursing: characterized by the work of professionals trained in Nursing who specialize in providing care to the population that needs home health care. The focus of this work is to promote the quality of life and safety of non-hospitalized patients;
Infectious Disease Nursing: in this area the Nursing professional promotes health surveillance actions to detect epidemics and outbreaks of diseases early, as well as seeks to promote measures to prevent and control these diseases and evaluate and notify the impacts they can have on society;
Occupational Nursing: in this field, it is nurses who work to promote the health of employees of companies and organizations, preventing diseases and accidents at work. Professionals in the area also assist in the rehabilitation of employees who have gone through a physical problem or illness;
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing: professionals in the area are able to work in the treatment of patients in intensive care, postoperatively and in the acute forms of the appearance of various diseases;
Urology Nursing: in this specialization, professionals are prepared to promote care for urological patients in different contexts, such as hospital, outpatient and home;
Oncology Nursing: the nurse specialist in Oncology is present in the lives of patients since cancer prevention, also acting in the necessary care after diagnosis, symptom control and palliative care. Professionals specialized in this area can work in health centers, outpatient clinics or hospitals, as well as in the industry linked to the area or with clinical research.


For those looking for a new path that offers all these advantages in providing a crucial service to the world, a career change to nursing could be the answer!

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