Boost confidence as a decision-maker: how and why it matters


Confidence. It’s just a single word, but it’s one that can make so much difference to success. It’s that little aspect within ourselves that can truly transform a situation, a thought, a discussion, a result — and most off all, a decision, when you boost confidence in your abilities and decisions.

A confident decisionmaker is a valued asset in any team,and for managers specifically, the ability to quickly break down seemingly complex issues and take the right action can have a hugely positive impact on business performance and personal relationships.

Even if you are not currently fully confident in your managerial decisionmaking, you can nurture this ability and boost confidence over time. It is not something that most workers are able to do naturally. It requires positive reinforcement of a few steps or strategies.

How to boost confidence as a decision maker

Firstly, as a manager, it can be easy to fall into the trap that you must assume control at all times and that your opinion is the only one you should rely on. By releasing control and seeking input from others, you can start to gather important information that can help you to make better decisions.

However, it is important to take responsibility and be assertive with your actual decisionmaking. Inaction due to the scope of a particular problem is something that many workers struggle with. Managers need to be able to move forward, evaluate the situation, and make decisions in a timely manner to help the team.

Study online

The best way to get the skills you need to boost confidence to make crucial decisions is by gaining a prestigious postgraduate qualification that develops the skills required for a managerial role. By completing an online MBA, you can take your business acumen to the next level by learning about the different aspects of global leadership and modern business practices.

Higher education is a perfect environment for learning and testing your ability to solve problems and make decisions that can benefit both your company and its employees. All of this is grounded in a curated certificate curriculum that will improve your soft and hard skills in the workplace and prepare you for the world of management.

Learn on the job

In order to strengthen your decisionmaking skills over time, you need to actually apply them in work settings. You can boost confidence in your decision making slowly but surely by practicing what you have learnt, remaining open and vigilant to new ideas, and following a simple framework for each decision.

Business psychologist Stuart Duff recommends approaching every decision the same, even if it is only a small one. This will build the right habits that will make it easier to follow through on much bigger, meaningful decisions.

You should begin the step-bystep process by gathering information and clarifying the ramifications of the decision i.e. who will be affected, and what it will mean for the business. You can then start working through to a clear judgement that takes everything available to you into account.

The next step is to communicate clearly what you have decided to everyone. This is an important but often overlooked aspect of decisionmaking. Now, you can take a course of action based on your decision and complete it to the best of your ability.

The final step is to evaluate what went right and wrong during the decisionmaking process so that you can improve in the future. With the best education and by applying skills at work, you can build the confidence you need to make the right decisions.




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