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Why confidence matters


Confidence. It’s just a single word, but it’s one that can make so much difference to success. It’s that little aspect within ourselves that can truly transform a situation, a thought, a discussion, a result.

We can appear to be confident, yet not believe in ourselves, questioning our capability.

We can appear to be confident, yet have built up pressures surrounding us and all of a sudden we wonder what we are doing, where we are headed and why we feel so hopeless.

We can appear to be confident, yet allow a partner, a boss, a parent tell us we are making too many mistakes, putting us down to the point where we just believe it and our confidence spirals down further.

On the other hand, we can appear to be over-confident, creating opportunities to tell others we are ‘better’ than them, talking constantly over the top of others and making others feel small — yet really deep down, we are really just wanting to feel valued, appreciated and confident in who we are.

Confidence matters in many different circumstances and establishing a confident personality does not create arrogance, despite what so many people often believe can happen. In my experience it creates a balanced, collaborative person who establishes clarity in who they are and their direction. This can extend to business direction and clarity too which I see through my work on a daily basis.

In working with organisations, when I report back to managers with “we are working on confidence aspects”, it often sparks a discussion and confusion. When asking a private client following further discussion how they rate how confident they are — again it sparks discussion and confusion.

There are a number of different ways to address confidence in each individual, however as a foundation it is always important to address ‘who we are’ and tap into that.

There are three key ways to get you started with ‘who you are’ …

  1. Write a list of your top 5 values. If there are any similar values that you list, bunch them together as one point.
  2. Have a think about the ways you would like others to talk about you – what do you want to be known for? This is another way to tap into who we are. This is not about doing more or becoming something we are not, it is about understanding that we have unique traits and characteristics that will come naturally to us, flow easily and make us smile when they occur.
  3. Now sit back and reflect on your ‘personas’ – who you are around different people. Are you changing depending on who you are in the company of? Is it lining up with your values and ‘who you are’ or taking you away from it?

Confidence helps us perform under pressure, it allows us to voice our opinions in a collaborate way, it helps up be assertive and confidence helps us believe in ourselves – not in a way that you never seek feedback or advice, but in a way that you build yourself up, build on your skills, traits and knowledge.

This is often the surprising result when discussing results & ‘measures’ with both clients and workplaces I am coaching in – that confidence does matter. It is the foundation in so much for our lives and our work place.


About Lissy Venner

Lissy Venner is head coach of Amazing You, and lives by the motto of following your dreams and being what makes you happy - making time for things that matter, investing in yourself and living your passions. She works with clients on Self-Mastery - mindset, leadership, human behaviour - leading into communication, team building, confidence, setting and achieving goals. She has worked as a life and executive coach for the last five years and in the corporate industry for over 13 years; the last nine of which she was responsible for managing multi-million dollar business channels and leading teams. Her programs include online, one on one, private retreats, workplace programs and seminars/workshops.

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