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Why struggle when you can outsource?


The way we do business is changing. Back in the day, it was okay to open a shop selling items you loved or to take over the family business and stick to what you know. Now, not so much. The business environment is so fierce; it’s so easy to get swallowed up in the competitive climate. So, to stand out, you have to do it all. You have to be everywhere, be seen everywhere and be available all of the time. Sometimes, it all gets too much. When you have a passion for your product, you just want to do your job. To save on stress, it might be time to outsource all the stuff you hate and go back to enjoying your job again.

Problem: Hate finance?
Solution: Hire an accountant

We all know finance is a huge part of business, but that doesn’t mean you have to love it. If you’re awful with numbers and freak out at the thought of having to file your taxes, don’t – get a professional to do if for you. Hiring an accountant might be an additional cost at first, but when you realize how much time you’re saving from trying to do it yourself, you’ll be able to earn more money in the process.

Problem: Can’t find an audience?
Solution: Hire an agency

Social media and marketing isn’t something we all love – especially if you’re not the biggest fan of technology. But, the beauty of doing business in a modern world is that you don’t have to do any marketing yourself – you can outsource it all. If you have no idea how to find your audience, or how to make yourself visible online, hire a digital marketing agency and have them do it for you. Then, you can spend more time making the product you know more about, and they’ll send you people to buy it.

Problem: Swamped with admin?
Solution: Find a VA

With a lot of business comes a lot of admin. Whether it’s orders to process, emails to manage, or charts to create, not all of us are all that crazy about organization and administration. But, there are a few rare gems that are, and you can pay them to do yours too. Virtual assistants (VAs) are a blessing for those of us that hate to have to tackle admin ourselves. The best thing about them is that they can work remotely, so your organization and errands get done without you having to be there.

Problem: Not great with words?
Solution: Hire a freelancer

Maybe you’re a genius at building a product or producing a service, but you hate writing? If that’s the case, don’t worry about your disaster of a website or social posts that just don’t make sense. Just hire a freelancer. You can find a wealth of great writers that will help you create content for your website and share social media posts to interact with your customers too. The universe works in mysterious ways, but thank goodness it allows us access to freelancers.

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