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A Woman’s guide to investing


There are several ways to invest your money – traditional ways and some not so traditional. When starting off, I usually recommend the traditional path, as it is well known for a reason. Traditional investments are broadly divided into fixed interest, shares/stocks and real estate. Look at these investments and find which ones work for you. What you enjoy will always work out better for you in the long term.

To get started on your investment journey, here is an overview of the top three traditional investment paths: 

1. Fixed interest

Fixed interest is first investment I recommend for everyone and it is generally the place where most investors start. The upside is that it is a more secure type of investment and it requires the smallest amount of capital to begin.  It is important to remember, however, that no investment is completely secure, as even banks have been known to fail.

If you wish to invest in fixed interest, research your local market to find which banks have the highest interest rate, or you can find alternatives to the bank.  These maybe finance companies or building societies.  By investing your money with them, you will be able to secure a higher interest rate for the same term. Your aim is to get the highest interest rate for a time period which works for you. This way your money is working harder for you.

2. Shares/Stocks

Shares are the next level of investment. You are buying a share in the company and can profit by a capital gain when you sell or by dividends during the life of the share.  Not all shares pay dividends so decided whether you wish to have a regular income or wait for a capital gain when you sell.  Investing in shares tends to be riskier than fixed interest but not necessarily more expensive.

There are several ways to invest in shares from buying “blue chip” shares, which are considered the most profitable and successful companies, to the “penny stocks” which are the new start-up companies. You can purchase penny stocks for relatively little money. They trade at cents per share. It is important to do the research and ask questions to find out if this is a suitable investment vehicle for you. Also look for a reputable trading platform by research terms such as best trading platform UK.

3. Real estate

There are a few ways to invest in property. You can purchase a rental property outright or you can invest in a professional rental portfolio through a mutual fund.

If you are investing in a rental property look outside of the major cities – property, there is at a comparatively lower price. Real estate is not just confined to houses – have you considered flats and units? You can also look in the less popular areas of town where again the prices of property are cheaper. The important thing to remember is – you are not going to live there. Don’t forget to search outside of the normal for you!

Often people would like to invest in real estate but don’t have enough money to buy a rental property. My recommendation in this case would be to put money into a mutual fund, which are primarily, is made up of property investments.

All of the above investments work if you commit to developing your knowledge with investing. If you are interested in increasing your wealth, then there is always a way to make investing fun and enjoyable. You have to know how you function personally to create sustainable revenue streams.  When you focus on what actually interests you it becomes fun and does not feel as if you are working at it at all.

About Margie Hulse

Margie Hulse is a business coach, speaker, consultant, property investor and Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator for Access Consciousness. She has over 20 years of experience in the creation, investment, promotion and marketing of multiple successful businesses. Having gained financial security for herself, she loves to show others just how easy it can be to do the same.

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