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Should women act like men at work? Apparently it helps


Men have a lot of advantages in the workplace. There is no doubt that women face challenges that men don’t, and that’s wrong. But, women have found a way to fight back. In environments across the globe, the ladies are starting to act like the men, and it’s working. The question that this raises is should women have to act like men? The obvious answer is no. However, there is a caveat – it does help. Whether it’s fair or not, these are the perceived advantages which assist the ladies in the office.


If you believe the myths, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Although this isn’t the true, there is truth in the fact that the genders are different. And, the place where the two differ the greatest is communication. In a generic sense, men like to have short, frank conversations which are pretty basic. Women, on the other hand, like to use modifiers and open-ended questions. The result is that men, wrongly, can see women as unconfident or without expertise. When women speak like the guys, the men respond more effectively as the girls seem more self-assured. Not only does this help with communication, but it affects the way the men make judgements. And, that’s vital as they tend to wield power.

Own role model

Where can women turn when they need help the most? The answer isn’t a woman. Usually, it’s a man who doesn’t understand the dynamic. There aren’t many women at the top of the tree, less so experts in galvanised steel or information technology. If you work in these industries, it can seem like you are all alone. And, that isn’t a good place to be if you want to bridge the gap. By acting as a prime alpha male, there is no need for a role model, though. An alpha female is an independent individual who can overcome any obstacle. Sure, everyone needs help from time to time, but help isn’t always available. Even though you probably hate the cock-sure guys that think they own the company, adopting their attitude levels the playing field. Studies show that two-fifths of women believe that it’s impossible to be nice at work and succeed.

Play the game

At the moment, men dominate the landscape. Take a look at the Fortune 500 companies and guys are in charge. Women just don’t have traction they need to make changes. Still, that doesn’t mean that change isn’t possible. It is along as women play the game with the methodology of making changes when they do reach the top. To get to the top, women have to succeed in a world tailored for men. Guys from a particular generation only respond to certain traits, traits which are male-based. Whether it’s fair or not, it’s smart to adopt these characteristics when you think of the bigger picture.

There is no doubt that in an equal society, women wouldn’t have to consider making changes. Business isn’t a fair industry, though, which is why every woman has to consider the question to succeed.

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