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How women can upskill their career


Upskilling, or career development is crucial for moving forward both in your professional and personal life. Developing your career helps ensure you stay interested and engaged with your work while opening different and exciting opportunities. Unfortunately, many people struggle to successfully upskill their careers. It’s hard to know where to start, and with busy lives both in and out of the office, it can seem impossible to find the time for such development. Despite this, there are some simple ways women can upskill their career.

Learn about business

One of the challenges we face when we’re trying to upskill our careers is knowing what we should actually focus on. Today, careers can cover a wide array of tasks and duties, and knowing what areas to improve upon can be difficult. While you should assess what you feel is most important and what needs the most improvement, certain things are always beneficial.

Typically, studying business is helpful for almost any profession. Online education provider, and aptly named Upskilled, provides a range of administration and business courses that incorporate a broad range of contexts around admin, management, marketing, communications, and strategic implementation. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever position you’re in, learning about business is sure to be valuable.

Try new things

Trying new things that aren’t directly related to your field can also be great for developing your career. This might mean you have to volunteer your time, which can be difficult for busy women, but if you are able to fit it into your schedule it can be great for your career.

Finding a way to volunteer for something you’re interested in can help you bring new ideas to your field of expertise. Alternatively, it could be the start of something new for your career path. Ask local businesses if they have any work you can help out with, or look on online job boards like Gumtree to find something that could help upskill your career. 

Complete a degree

Completing a degree course online is a great way to earn extra qualifications, and the added qualifications are a great boost for your career path.

Attend events

An alternative to completing an entire course is to attend conferences and events within your industry. Websites like Meetup make it easy for you to find events in your area within your industry.

Listening to industry leaders speak can help to broaden your understanding of the industry as a whole, as well as new opportunities for your career development or skill gaps that you need to address.  


At these events, and other opportunities that present themselves, it’s important that you network effectively. Meeting with likeminded groups and sharing your knowledge can help you learn more and discover new ideas and opportunities.

Be sure to leverage social networking sites like LinkedIn so you can stay up to date with your new contacts. 

Take on additional tasks

Arguably one of the most effective ways to upskill your career is to put up your hand. This may take some initiative, but if there’s extra hands needed on certain task, show interest and try to take it on.

Your boss and managers will appreciate when you show initiative and if you regularly do so with success, they may favour you when it comes to certain tasks. This can help to develop your career, and can even take your career in a new direction you hadn’t previously considered.

Working at upskilling your career can help bring new and exciting opportunities. Unfortunately many people, especially busy women, struggle to find the time to take action in terms of career development. However, the above strategies are easy and are beneficial to progressing your professional career. Making the time to upskill yourself might be your big break!

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