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Should women in business be fashionable?


The question “How should I dress to work?” comes up for every woman. And whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success, in your place of work. Most people believe that appearance translates to performance.

Corporate boardrooms used to be filled with men. Women were also there but hid behind grey and black stiff suits with shoulder pads and formal shoes. However, the past few decades have opened up a world where women can dress nicely, and their femininity is highly valued.

The rules of fashion change with time-based on course preferences and age. In a business setting, appearances matter because they are the first impression people get of us, so it is essential to give off the right impression.

Women in business should dress as an aspect of personal branding, in that your attire should speak of your career and profession. Women in business should dress as an aspect of personal branding, in that your attire should speak of your career and profession. People may get the impression of professionalism as well as practicality from wellington boots as opposed to less practical or professional looking footwear.Different businesses have different fashion styles: therefore, ensure that you understand what’s appropriate in your industry. Different businesses have different fashion styles; therefore, ensure that you understand what’s appropriate in your industry.

Different types of business attire

In a modern workplace, the term business wear can mean anything from formal suits to jeans. Although, if you want to be respected and fit in, ensure that you adhere to the business dress code at your workplace. Here is a guide to the different types of business attire women can wear to work.

  • Business Casual

This attire means laid-back but still well-groomed and put together. The point of business casual wear is to give room for workers to display their individuality. This is because it is not very casual and not very formal. The look creates a more comfortable and relaxed working environment that remains above the casual wear. Women can wear cropped dress pants, a pencil skirt, khakis, sweater, button-down blouse and accessories with a piece of simple jewelry or belt. Shoes can be loafers, boots, flats, heels, and sandals. This style is the most appropriate for women in the industry associated with cannabis. Business casual is appropriate for casual Fridays, afternoon conferences, work travel days.

  • Business Professional

Business professional wear is that attire you wear to interviews or any important meeting in which your appearance makes the first impression. Some refer to it as a traditional form of attire used in more conservative settings with strict dress codes. Women who love wearing professional attire mean that they love professionally portraying themselves. When dressing for a business professional, women should wear tidy dresses, slacks or skirts, pantsuit, blazers, closed toed shoe or dressy flats.

  • Business Formal

There are mixed reactions and opinions on how business formal encompasses. Women dressed in formal business attire means they are dressing to impress. This is an upgrade to your typical day to day professional outfits. It is served for most of formal settings like special dinners, benefits, award ceremonies, and other important evening events. For business formal, women should wear a fancy but modest dress, a sophisticated jumpsuit, a sleek pantsuit or skirt, and formal flat shoes or loafers. It is crucial to minimize the use of jewelry.

How women’s fashion influences work performance

Have you at any point viewed the dress rehearsal of a play? If your answer is yes, then you know precisely how ground-breaking clothes are. This is because the clothes you wear present and communicate volumes about you as a person. Research indicates that your alertness is profoundly affected by what you wear.

For women, when selecting the business style wear, combining different clothes with matching should be your primary importance; because you need to makes sure that those combinations portray your professionalism and proper strictness of your image. Most women in business have confirmed that how they dress influences their behavior and overall performance at work. This means that fashion has power over people minds. Here are some ways in which women’s fashion in business influences their work performance

  • Professional – you will find that women in business who are dressed professionally, tend to act more like professionals in their industry. The way a woman wears to work can influence the standards of how they choose to behave in different scenarios. You are more cautious about how you are representing your company.
  • Serious look – for decades, the color black has been iconic in office wear. This is because it gives off a great look, especially if one is in a professional workplace. Women in black pant or skirt suits look very sharp, and nothing states the seriousness of the matter more than a fitting black power suit.
  • Authoritative – have you ever notices how it is easy to trust someone who has dressed appropriately for the work they do? Whether the person is wearing a uniform, or otherwise, they are much respected by wearing the right clothes. Simply wearing the right clothes can empower someone to be authoritative.
  • Focus and Productivity – the way you are dressed can influence your focus and productivity levels. If you wear your pajamas, it will be quite challenging to put your full attention into your work.

Is it important for a businesswoman to be in style?

The answer is yes!  This is because dressing for success is much more than choosing the right outfit. To complete a professional look, you also need to consider the accessories you’ll use and personal grooming. How you present yourself can break or make a deal.

The best style for businesswomen is always to dress to impress investors, clients, and customers. Your look needs to support your professional accomplishment and not show off your body parts too much. The standard attire for businesswomen can be tailored suits, dresses, skirts with a blouse and jacket.

Fashion tips for modern businesswomen

Here are some significant tips that every modern businesswoman should keep in mind

  • Get to know the dress code, depending on the industry you work in.
  • Create a good impression through your appearances.
  • Don’t be a showoff meaning your attire should not upstage an event or person.
  • Avoid color and pattern extremes.
  • When buying clothes, always opt for quality rather than quantity.

Final thoughts

Regardless of whether you’re dressing for work or an interview, always remember that appearances do matter a lot! And it is still essential to make the best impression!

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