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More women are pursuing entrepreneurship: this is why


Today’s woman is all set to take the world by storm. Women are stepping out of the confines of their comfort zone to prove that the future belongs to them. According to a report published in 2018 on State of Women-Owned Businesses, women-owned businesses have seen a shoot-up to 3, 000% since 1972. It means that today’s woman is not ready to stay within the boundary of its house or stick to a workplace. They want to test new waters, soar in the sky, and prove that women entrepreneurship is a legit term.

Women are kick-starting businesses in every possible field including social and technical field, healthcare, administrative and professional industries. But running a business is not an easy deal. There are so many obstacles and challenges which you have to face head-on for a successful business venture. So, why are so many women willingly facing hardships to start a business? Here are some reasons women are preferring entrepreneurship over sticking to a fixed paycheck:

Gender Pay Gap:

We might have heard a lot about gender equality in various public and political forums, but still, women are facing the issue of gender discrimination. Many women have reported that they are paid less than their men counterparts despite being more hardworking, competent, and skilled. So, the gender pay gap is one of the reasons why women are getting out of their comfort zones. Women are saying goodbye to this disparity by giving a try to entrepreneurship. This way, they not only get due reward and recognition of their hard work but also earn more money than a monthly paycheck.

Flexible living:

Women have to take care of their kids and aging parents. And it becomes difficult for women to manage their family and work simultaneously. They might have to pick kids up from school or coaching centers, take their parents to the hospital, or there can be some other emergency. But office hours don’t always provide flexibility to sneak from the office to take care of such family matters. Having your own business provides you the required freedom to manage your family along with earning money. The opportunity to be your own boss, have control of your time and scheduling life as per requirement is pushing women to embrace entrepreneurship.

Loan opportunities:

Money has always been one of the reasons why people don’t get the courage to take a plunge into the business world. You need money to start even a small scale business, and most people don’t have it. Even taking a loan was not easy before. You had to give so many proofs of your credibility like credit checks, etc. But now applying for a loan has become a lot easier – thanks to online money lenders. Some payday loans with direct lenders don’t demand a credit check or other credibility proofs to give loans. More opportunities to get loans is another major reason why women are not hesitating to abandon their corporate jobs and start their own business.

It is so amazing that women are also stepping up their game in the business world. It is not only bringing betterment in women’s life; in fact, it will surely contribute to world development and prosperity. If you are also one of the women thinking of starting your own business, then don’t hesitate. Have some courage and embrace autonomy, power, flexible lifestyle, and…earn more money!

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