Work safety needs a focus on reducing all kinds of injuries


This guide outlines the common office inuries and how to reduce them to improve work safety.

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere, in any environment. But when you hear the term “workplace injury” you might immediately think about a construction or warehouse job. Well, that’s not the case at all. The fact is, accidents and injuries occur in white-collar environments as well, and even in the most innocent and boring office cubicle, danger just might be lurking where you least expect it.

Though most workplace injuries in an office environment are ergonomically related, there can be other injuries as well. And if you don’t follow safety protocols or let your guard down, you could fall victim to these injuries.

Work safety: injuries to focus on

Now you may be wondering just what kind of dangers are there in a typical office environment. But you may be surprised to learn that there are several. Here, we’ll explore a few common office-related injuries and how to prevent them to improve work safety.

Ergonomic Injuries

Office employees have to worry about more than being bored to death while staring at a computer screen all day. In fact, it’s in this position in your office space that you may actually incur injuries if you don’t take the appropriate steps to improve work safety for employees.

For example, as an office employee, you’re often seated at a desk for several hours at a time. And this can result in ergonomic strain and other injuries related to repetitive movement. A few steps that you can take to ease your strain are as follows:

  • Try to maintain a relaxed posture

  • Adjust your chair to provide lumbar support

  • Position your elbows at a 90 degree angle (while typing)

  • Adjust the chair to allow your feet to be flat on the ground

  • Use an adjustable keyboard station (or an ergonomic keyboard)

Musculoskeletal issues often result from poor posture while in the sitting position for several hours at a time. Correspondingly, it’s also recommended to take frequent breaks, to stand and stretch in order to allow circulation to properly flow and relieve any strain you may be feeling.

Improper Lifting

In an office environment, on occasion, you may have to head to the supply room to grab paper or other stationery items. And these are often placed in large boxes which can be much heavier than they appear.

One of the more common injuries at most workplaces, including offices, involves the improper lifting of objects. And this can cause severe back injuries when you least expect it.

When you have to lift or move something (such as furniture), you should always bend at the knees while keeping your back straight. As you maintain your center of gravity, always place a firm grip on the object and lift with your legs. This will allow the larger muscle groups to perform the leverage required to lift heavy or large objects.

Additionally, if you know you have to lift or move something heavy, ask a coworker for assistance. Remember, two sets of hands are always better (and safer) than one to improve work safety.

Slipping and Falling

Slips and falls are another major accident that can happen in any workplace environment. And in office environments, these often occur in lunchrooms, breakrooms, or in hallways after being mopped or cleaned.

Being proactive at the office can be the best deterrent for slips and falls. As such, if you notice a wet floor, move cautiously around it and find a wet floor sign to place near the area to alert other employees that the floor is wet. And if you have the ability, clean it yourself or call your janitorial staff to handle the problem.

Additionally, always wear adequate footwear while at the office to improve work safety, or use non-slip shoes to help prevent slipping and falling.

If you’re injured at the office

If you’ve been injured at the office, the first thing you need to do is report the accident then seek medical attention to document your injuries. This will be necessary for filing a claim or if you have to file a lawsuit.

If you find that your employer isn’t willing to cover your claim or if you suspect negligence, contact the personal injury attorneys at rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/worker-compensation.html as these professionals will be able to assist you with your personal injury claim. Additionally, document all of your medical expenses and any time away from work that you’ve missed due to your injuries.

Final words to improve work safety

An office job might seem like it has the ideal working conditions, free from hazards and danger. But don’t be fooled. You can suffer injuries just as easily in an office environment as when working anywhere else. As such, taking the proper preventive measures will be the best strategy for preventing the likelihood of injuries.

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