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Workplace perks to ensure you have happy, loyal employees


When it comes to running a business, there are two groups of people that you need to keep happy at all times. The first goes without saying: your customer base. As they say, the customer is always right and keeping your consumers happy is essential to continue good business relations and profits turning over. But the second group is often ignored by many employers: your employees. Your employees are the people that keep your business going. They are essential, and your workforce should never be seen as easily replaceable or disposable. The happier your employees, the harder they will work and the more profit you will see. The workplace will also have healthier, happier vibes. Everyone will enter into a positive, happy atmosphere at the beginning of each work day. Here are a few workplace perks you might like to consider implementing in your business.

Rewards and incentives

Rewards and incentives are brilliant for both employers and employees. By recognizing your employee’s hard work and achievements, you will boost their morale and encourage them to continue overachieving. You will reap the rewards from this regarding profit. They will equally reap the rewards for their hard work through bonuses, cash lump sums, and other rewards. Set sales goals or targets or give prizes and opportunities to constant high achievers.

Staff discount

You should always offer your employees a staff discount on the products or services that they are selling for you. This shows your appreciation for them. It also means that they may spend some of their wages back into your business. So it’s a win-win situation! This will also help to promote brand loyalty throughout your staff and they will be able to genuinely recommend your products and services to buyers.

Office comforts

The workplace should be comfortable for your employees. On a basic level, this means a clean bathroom, lockers for personal belongings, access to water and a place for your employees to eat their lunch. But why stick with basics? Invest in a water cooler for your employees. This means that they have access to cold or room temperature water as they please. If you want to raise the bar, consider purchasing a coffee machine. This will give your workers a perk when they are feeling tired and will be warming and comforting for them. Specialists like 7 Grams have a wide range of workplace machines that increase worker productivity one cup at a time.

Ergonomic equipment

Your employees’ health and safety is paramount when it comes to maintaining a happy workforce. This means that you should always have ergonomic furniture and supplies in your office spaces. Office work can result in small injuries over time, such as repetitive strain injury. Make sure that there are ergonomic office chairs, keyboards and mouse mats for every employee. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Parties and group experiences

On special occasions like festive holidays, hold a party for your staff. This is a great opportunity to show how grateful you are for their continued hard work and loyalty. It will also create a great chance for your workers to bond with one another outside of the usual working environment. Better relationships will result in teamwork and a more positive and friendly environment when they return to the office. Alternatively, host a day out for your staff to bond with one another. This needn’t be training. It can actually be completely disconnected from the formal working environment. Think team sports or activities like bowling.

Workplace perks to ensure you have happy, loyal employees

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Staff feedback surveys

You should always collect feedback from your staff. Ask them what they think could be improved in their working environment and ensure that they always feel completely confident in selling the products and services available to your consumers. Ensure that they know they are not being judged on their answers, otherwise, they are liable to brush problems under the carpet and pretend that everything is fine when there may be issues that need to be addressed. Feedback can be collected through survey forms or one to one discussion.

Regular training

Don’t just listen to staff feedback. Act on it! If your staff show confusion or doubts in regards to certain aspects of their role, ensure that they receive the appropriate training and information necessary to ensure that they know what they are doing and what is expected of them. This will make your staff happier within their roles and will also ensure that they can offer correct information and advice to customers

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