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Yes, there are women racing drivers


It hasn’t gone unnoticed by us that motorsport still lacks a large female presence. In fact, historically there have only been five women to race in F1. But does that suggest that women aren’t interested in the sport, or are not talented enough to compete at competition level? No, not at all!

Early restrictions for women within the sport have done little to stop talented women driving home their successes across history and cementing their place as world class drivers. The influence and participation of young women within motorsports is set to keep on growing too, with the likes of Britain’s Nineteen-year-old Jamie Chadwick among the ranks – in 2015 she became the first ever female and youngest winner of the British GT Championship.

It has been a long and bumpy journey for women in motorsports, and we think it’s time for a celebration.

Right from the 1990’s to the present, women have been present in racing, yet many do not know of their amazing achievements. For example:

Britain’s Louise Bazalgette, who in 1899 pioneered and publicly protested for women’s involvement in male-only motor clubs.

Pat Moss-Carlsson, who in 1953 to 1975 won five European Ladies Rally Championships.

South Africa’s Desiré Wilson, who became the only woman to win a Formula 1 race.

Susie Wolf (MBE), who was named British Woman Kart racing driver of the year.

Tia Norfleet from the USA who was the first black female NASCAR driver.

There are in fact, so many more women to celebrate too.

Australian rally car driver, Molly Taylor (pictured above), for instance, is the first woman to win a heat in the Australian Rally Championship and there is Simona De Silvestro, from Switzerland who became the first woman to score points in a Formula E.

Pippa Mann, from Great Britain, who is the first pole sitter at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and furthermore the first Britsh woman to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

Looking forward to 2018, from Saudia Arabia is Amna Al Quabaisi, who is set to become the first Arab female driver in the 2018 Formula 4 championships.

To give you a better look at all the women around the world who need to be celebrated in Racing, Compare the Market has highlighted in a graphical timeline some of history’s most successful, empowering, and inspirational women in the motoring game.

Take a look below at the inspiring timeline of Women Racing Drivers.


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