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Now more than ever, you need ecommerce marketing


Ecommerce is bigger than ever, and it’s only growing. That’s led millions of smart entrepreneurs into their own business launch, but starting an ecommerce brand is only half the battle. You then have to make it profitable, and that means selling more products.

Marketing is of vital necessity in the already crowded ecommerce sector, and for those that get it right the rewards can be high. While marketing trends come and go, if you want to see your ecommerce venture grow faster and have more impact, then you’re going to need to know the best marketing approaches to utilize in 2020.

Here’s what you need to know.

Inbound marketing

One of the first terms you’re going to need to understand is inbound marketing. This is essentially boosting your amount of website traffic, and doing everything possible to convince people to buy while they’re on your web pages. The key to inbound marketing is still having the right content. That content will be the driving force of your digital marketing, so you’re going to have to develop a basic understanding of SEO, or outsource to a marketing consultant who can guide your digital marketing strategy in the right direction.

However, creating high-value content that shows your expertise should be a priority for your marketing strategy.

Advocates and influencers

While there is a lot of conflicting advice about using social media influencers in 2020, it remains one of the more proactive and effective ways to reap more brand awareness and engagement for your ecommerce company. The trick is finding the right balance when it comes to influencer audience size.

If you aim for the big-name celebs, then you will lose authenticity (everyone will simply see an advert that you paid for). That’s why targeting micro or even nano-influencers is the way to go in 2020. These will deliver much more engagement between them and their followers, and you receive the authenticity that is the whole point of influencer marketing. Align your influencers with your brand culture for maximum impact.

Using emails

Email marketing is not new, but if you think that it’s outdated then you’re very wrong. Email marketing is one of the most potent marketing weapons at your disposal, but you need to do it right. Never underestimate the value of having direct access to someone’s inbox, but ensure that you:

  • Segment your audience so that redundant messages aren’t sent to the wrong people
  • Personalize your emails throughout
  • Use your data to measure email success
  • Use images and subject lines that reinforce your messages
  • Use call to actions in every email
  • Have a goal for every email that you send (website visits, social media follows, or even sales)

While it can be difficult to design and execute a strong email marketing campaign, you can very easily outsource this task to a digital marketing agency such as Digital Silk. When emails are such an effective ecommerce marketing tool, it makes sense to ensure that your emails are designed effectively and sent at the right time.

These are the key areas to focus on as you start developing your 2020 digital marketing strategy. As more people shop online than ever before, ecommerce brands that fail to focus on their marketing will inevitably end up drowned out by the competition. Your marketing will help you stand out.

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Jill Wells is a business analyst specialising in research and advice on how to make the most of today’s changing business climate.

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