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12 Signs you’re making your life harder than necessary


Is it a stereotype or are women really more complicated than necessary? I like to use the term complex rather than complicated when describing a woman’s character. Whatever the case is, let’s face it: we’re giving ourselves a hard time.

Let’s say you need a new daily planner. You start thinking: “The red one will look lovely in my new bag, but it won’t look good in that orange bag. Do I get a pen to go along? Why don’t I just download an app? Okay, I’ll install few apps to try them and find the one that works best.”

Instead of making simpler decisions, we’re complicating our lives. Are you doing that? If you recognize yourself somewhere in these 12 signs, you’ll need a change:

1. You let fear make decisions for you

You’re afraid you won’t find a better job if you leave this one? What will you do; will you stick with the job you hate because you can’t find the strength to move forward?  No. You’ll find the strength. You’ll stop letting fear make decision for you. It’s making your life miserable and it has to stop.

2. You take too much

Are you one of those women who can’t say no? Your boss saw that, so you’re getting one extra task after another? You’re complaining you have too much work to do, but you keep accepting more? You have to learn how to say no. The least you can do is delegate or outsource.

3. You don’t give enough

This is the other extreme. If you don’t give enough of yourself in everything you do, you’re only achieving superficial results. You’re still spending time on work, exercise, or whatever else. If you’re not giving your best, it means you’re wasting your time. How is that making your life harder? Well, you’re not making enough progress in it.

4. You compare yourself to other people

You think comparisons are good because they push you to perform better? You’re wrong! Comparisons lead to jealousy and envy. Other people’s success has nothing to do with you.

If you have to compare your results to the one your competitors achieve for professional purposes, do it without envy. Do not try to imitate them. Do something better through your work.

5. You buy things you don’t really need

You’re spending money on useless things. Then, you have to take care of those things. If they are just sitting there making a mess, they stress you out. Mess causes stress.

The moment you start buying only the necessary things, you’ll feel a huge relief. You’ll shift towards simplicity and ease of living.

6. You refuse to let go

You still keep that necklace your ex gave you even though it’s out of fashion and you’ll never wear it again? Why? You let go of the relationship, didn’t you? If you’re still keeping things like this, it means you didn’t let go.

Declutter! Get rid of everything you don’t need. Then, transfer the process to your thoughts and emotions. Analyze them. Let go of the burden you don’t need to carry around.

7. You don’t take risks

Taking risks is necessary. It’s scary. However, the feeling of taking a risk that pushes you to success is priceless. Even if you fail, you’ll learn. If you live with the burden of not trying, your life can’t be enjoyable.

8. You get offended easily

Do you believe in freedom of speech? Do you want to say the things you mean? Do you expect the other party to accept your opinion without getting offended? Then why do you get offended?

Everyone has the right to say what they mean. You can consider their point of view, or you can ignore it. If they say something really offensive, just ignore it. If you’re offended, it means you’re not self-confident. You know your own worth. Stand your ground.

9. You are waiting for the perfect moment instead of being here now

Are you losing touch with the presence? Living in the moment may seem like a cliché, but it’s a point of view that can really make your life easier. Seize the day!

10. You’re talking too much

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Those are Albert Einstein’s words, ladies!

Business jargon is too complicated. We don’t have to use those big words to fit in. We should never get lost in our own words.

Go back to simplicity of expression. It works.

11. You care a great deal about what others think

If you’re trying to meet the expectations other people impose, you’ll forget what you wanted in the first place. Don’t let other people set the standards. You’ll never be good enough for everyone around. The important thing is to be good enough in your own eyes.

12. You don’t make time for recovery

Is your life all about work, work, work, family, family, family? You’re doing it all wrong. What about rest and relaxation?

Do something you enjoy in. It may be writing in your journal, reading, running, eating delicious cakes, or meditating. If you’re constantly working or trying to make other people feel good, you’re not leaving any space for the things you enjoy doing alone.

Stress is unavoidable. Still, it does mean we should stop trying to minimize it. If you noticed yourself in any of the above-listed points, it means you’re stressing over unnecessary things. Take it easy. Make living easier.

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Brenda Savoie is a life coach, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romance novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her blog BestWritingClues. Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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