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5 things we can learn from UK’s It Girl Zoe Sugg


Zoe Sugg is one of the world’s biggest YouTube stars who has found success through creating an online community. Her YouTube channel, Zoella, has more than 11 million subscribers, and has gained more than 800 million viewers since she first started video blogging – or better known as vlogging – in 2008. While building her reputation online, she has also launched her own beauty line, Zoella Beauty, and written two novels – all of which have contributed to her large profitable income of £50,000 (AUD $85,246.50) per month.

So what are the secrets to this British girl’s phenomenal success? How has she managed to earn more money than people in their mid 40s atthe age of 26? Here are some important points that we can all learn about Zoe’s achievements:

1. Be authentic, accessible and approachable

She has always been herself in her videos, and that’s what her audience likes about her. When you want to generate a large audience, it pays to show the originality of your brand. People will shun you if you try to imitate others or portray a certain image or voice that doesn’t come from your own beliefs.

Also, try to commit yourself with what you do and communicate often with your audience or consumers. Zoe Sugg has always dedicated her time in uploading videos regularly and listened attentively to her fans.

2. Be resourceful

In any kind of business, you need to do your research. Vlogging may seem like an easy game, but you can’t simply post several videos without having a specific intention and then expect them to have millions of viewers instantly.

Zoe created her YouTube channel as a way to share her life and express her passion for beauty. Her goal was to build an online community for beauty lovers. She committed herself to that goal and inthe process, she also did her research and watched other video bloggers to know more about beauty and its latest trends.

3. Enjoy the process

One thing that most people forget to do is to have fun while building their careers. You have to be passionate about what you do to be successful. It is important to remember that success doesn’t come overnight. You have to put a lot of work and effort to achieve your goals — and your results won’t be as good as you want themto be unless you put your heart and soul into it.

Zoe started vlogging as a hobby and she decided to keep making videos because she enjoyed it. It has been over eight years of hard work, but she managed to grow her audience because they can see that she enjoys herself in front of the camera.

4. Embrace other platforms

Zoe has also appeared on popular UK TV shows, the Company magazine’s cover and Dan and Phil’s Radio 1 show. Through appearing on these offline platforms that appeal to her key demographic, she has opened up opportunities to be discovered and ‘subscribed’ by more viewers.

5. Be persistent

Getting 11 million people to subscribe to your YouTube channel definitely requires a bit of time and patience. Thus, it pays to dedicate yourself to your blog or business and be persistent in taking the necessary steps to achieve success.

Zoe has mentioned that she wasn’t the master of video editing and using YouTube. Overtime, she has learned that YouTube was simple to use and whenever she had a technical question, she turned to Google for help. Difficulties in using YouTube or editing her videos never stopped her from learning and creating more engaging content for her audience.

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