5 tips to get celebrities to endorse your brand


The night our kids streetwear label Lil’ Mr officially opened our webstore, my business partner Xenia and I joked over a celebratory wine that we “just wanted to make funky clothes for our kids to wear, get to 10K followers on Instagram and see our clothes on the Kardashian kids. And then we would be happy!”

Kylie Lee3Fast forward to just over a year on and we now have a rapidly growing social media following of over 25K, and a couple of thousand kids nationally and internationally wearing our clothes! How? Yup you guessed it… We managed to get our clothes on the Kardashian kids as well as an ever-growing list of celebs.

Celebrity endorsement was not the only reason for our success to date. We have a great brand and great products. But the reality is that we live in a celebrity obsessed society and a sprinkling of ‘A-Grade’ celebrity stardust has had a huge impact on both the public perception of our brand and – ultimately – sales!

You may well ask how we managed to get our product in front of celebrities like the Kardashians? Well, we were determined, resourceful and also very lucky! With these key elements, you too could have the same success:


1. Research

Know your demographic and carefully determine which celebrities best appeal to your target market. Then choose ambassadors whose endorsement will not only align well with your brand, but also ones to whom your product would be most likely to appeal to on a personal level.

2. Plan

Formulate a plan. A tiered approach can be a useful strategy. Begin with more approachable celebrities such as sporting personalities and bloggers. As you start to build your endorsement list make sure to include photos and details of your ‘current influencers’ in future communications when approaching other more high profile influencers.Kylie Lee2

3. Reach out

Surprisingly, there are actually a few different ways to reach out to celebrities. There are numerous agencies and websites who offer pay for service to put you in touch with high profile influencers. However, we opted to do it ourselves! We relentlessly utilised social media messaging and emailed indirect contacts until we were put in touch. There was a bit of luck involved with this methodology, but if your product is a good fit you should eventually be put in contact.

4. Be polite and direct

Not only are celebrities insanely busy, but they receive communications constantly about product endorsement. Be polite and succinct, and explain who you are and what you would like from them. Always offer product for free; as the saying goes you have to spend money to make money. Wherever possible give them a choice (from included quality, styled product pics) to pick something that they genuinely love. That way they are more likely to be seen with it! Celebrities get sent hundreds of products and will associate themselves only with products that suit their brand image.

5. Promote it

It can take months of scouring celebrity social media feeds or other sources for pictures featuring your product, so be patient. If it happens (which it does not always) you are unlikely to be tagged by the source so you must be ready with avenues to promote the endorsement. Posting the pic on your social media will promote to your existing market and forwarding the pic and associated story to news sources will generate more publicity, and ultimately sales.

Although we could have died happy women just seeing our clothing on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’, we have now expanded our dream to changing the face of children’s fashion… lil’ by lil’.Kylie Lee - 5 tips to get celebrities to endorse brand3

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