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6 Ways to make extra money on the side


Wanting more money is ok.  Don’t be shy about the fact you want or need more money. Having more than one means of income is encouraged, especially with the rising cost of living.

So, what options do we have? Technology has done great things for women when it comes to making some extra cash outside a 9 to 5.

1. Make a furry new friend

What’s better than spending time with a cute dog? Getting paid for it! Yes, you can get money for looking after pets. To be honest, this sounds like a dream job.  A few smart people have coined a way for you to earn money for doing something you may already do, but more importantly, something that you love.

Make yourself a profile, add a photo, talk about any pets you have, your love for animals, experience and away you go. People will select you if you cut the mustard. It’s best if you have a yard or house suitable for pets. You can also be hired as a dog walker, this way you can get some exercise at the same time. Rates will be determined by experience, length of stay and other factors. 

2. Share your wardrobe

Buy a beautiful dress, wear it once; then it never leaves your closet again. We have all been there! As much as you want to wear that dress again, you just can’t find the occasion.  Instead of lending it out to your friends for free, make some money!

You will be surprised how easy it is to rent out a dress. Simply take some photos of the dress and leave a description. Then wait for a borrower to request it on the secure online platform. Don’t worry; all borrowers have a history you can check out. If they have handed items back in poor condition, you don’t have to lend to them. You simply ship the item to the borrower and tell them how you want it shipped back, simple!

3. Rent out space

Do you have free space in your home? Maybe you have just sold your car and have a big garage sitting there empty? Whatever space you have, cellar, bedroom, garage or shed, you can be making money off it! How? Your space can be listed on self-storage sites.

Simply, take a few images and list your space. People will then contact you via a third-party platform if they are interested. Don’t worry; you can pick and choose what you want in your storage space. It could be boxes, a car, sporting equipment or even a business storing files. This is a lot easier than you may expect, once the initial effort of listing is over, your workload is very minimal.

4. Become a courier

Some companies are creating platforms that allow you to become a courier and earn money. Instead of driving people from A to B, you can now deliver packages! If you don’t have a car, you can ride a bike.

Why would you become a courier? You have the freedom to pick your hours and the type of delivery you want. You simply accept the workload that suits you. The company will look after all the billing and transfer you the money at the end of each week. 

5. Parking spaces make a lot of money

Parking was difficult to come by these days, especially for city dwellers. What’s more important is how much people are willing to pay for parking, it’s a significant amount! It’s common to have a parking space but no car, if you fall in this boat, you could be earning money.

List your empty park and make money. Firstly, it’s free to list a space with all the top platforms. How much can you earn? You could be making up to $3000 a year from one parking space! Not bad for doing absolutely nothing. 

6. Ride share?

Don’t like the idea of driving people around? Let them drive themselves. Yes, let people hire your car. It’s very similar to normal car hire but more convenient.

Whenever you are not using your car, let others drive it. Specific companies allow you to install a lock on the exterior of your vehicle. This lock can be accessed by others with a code from an application. People request to use your car, you accept, give them the code, they drive away. It’s an easy process that requires no physical meeting between you and the person hiring your car. You just see the money.

Get out there and make some extra money!

About Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson works at The Volte, a well-known fashion startup that has built a a secure sharing platform (think Airbnb but for fashion).

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