6 ways to shut up the inner voice that undermines your confidence


Your inner voice can tell you a lot of things. That’s what we call intuition – and intuition can be a very useful tool in business. But if your inner voice tells you negative things, it makes you doubt yourself and undermines your confidence.

And it’s those negative things that can hold you back from success and progressing in your career.Fortunately, there are strategies to make your inner voice shut up, stop the self-doubt, and regain your self-confidence.

1. Know your worth

Knowing your own worth can help you silence your inner voice when it’s undermining your confidence…it will change your attitude and how you approach things.  When the inner voice starts to undermine you, remind yourself of just how far you’ve already come – and all the challenges you’ve faced down.

2. Remember the big picture

Your inner voice telling you what to do and undermining your confidence is not part of the big picture. Achieving your goals is.

Always focus on the big picture and your path to goals when progressing in your career,as it will help remember where you want to go and figure out how you need to get there.

3. Change your inner dialogue

Changing your inner dialogue and thinking positive thoughts can help you shut your inner voice off and stop it from undermining your confidence as you will not be letting it make you think negatively and doubt yourself.

This can mean taking a break to think about where you are in your career and where you want to go or seeking advice from a trusted friend, colleague, or even your boss.Perhaps even switching to a different activity for a few minutes to change your brain focus and pattern.

4. Reflect

Always take time to reflect on how you’re doing and whether or not your big picture plan lines up with where you you want to be professionally.

Look back and analyse what you could do better next time… look forward and analyse where you can do better in the future.

5. Be happy for others

Being happy for others, like colleagues getting a promotion or well-deserved accolade, doesn’t have to cost you your confidence or make you doubt yourself and where you are in your career. Don’t measure yourself against other people in a destructive way.

Turn it into a friendly competition with yourself and use it to spur yourself on, keep aiming for your own goals, and show that you are also as deserving of promotions and accolades.

6. Do it anyway

Doing something anyway, despite your inner voice saying ‘NO!’ and telling you to doubt yourself, is a great way to make it shut up and stop undermining your confidence.

A lot of the time, someone might be afraid to just do something they want to out of fear but don’t realize it’s a great way to develop professionally, and even personally, as you will expand your comfort zone and realize what you can do if you break down those walls.

About Rowena Nagy

Rowena Nagy is a Journalist at The Business Woman Media. A graduate in Journalism, Media and Communications, she is passionate about in writing, travel journalism, video journalism and Public Relations.

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