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Aging well for women means managing career demands


This guide outlines strategies for business and career women to manage demands for success in aging well. When we think of getting older, we often picture our later years, perhaps when we’re 60+. We picture ourselves going gray and getting wrinkles, slowing down, and maybe losing some of our cognitive faculties too. But the truth is that you can start to feel the effects of aging a lot sooner than your retirement years.

In your 40s and 50s, and sometimes even earlier, you can begin to feel that your body and even mind are not as spry as they used to be. As a business woman, this can make it more difficult to keep up in a fast-paced world. But you can continue to manage the demands of business and career as you get older, even if you feel like you’re slowing down a little.

Strategies for aging well

Organize Your Time Smartly

Being good at organizing your time is often key if you want to be able to manage the stresses of business as you focus on aging well. You need to be able to use the time you have wisely, both when you’re working and when you’re enjoying some personal time. Many people choose to work less as they get older but some people can find themselves working even more than before. You should consider reassessing how you use your time and whether you can use your available time more effectively.

Adjust Your Responsibilities

One of the ways you can make sure you’re able to manage the demands of working in business as you get older is by taking a look at your responsibilities. It’s a good idea for aging well to reconsider the amount of work on your plate and what your responsibilities are. Some tasks can become more difficult or cause you too much stress, making it hard to continue managing the responsibilities that you’re used to. You might consider seeing if you can delegate certain tasks to other people so that you can adjust the work that you have to do.

Learn How to Handle Stress

Being in business is always stressful, even if some of it is stress and pressure that drives you to achieve more. As you get older, you might feel like you’re affected by stress more. You can even be in danger of experiencing burnout when you’re a business owner or working in a high-powered job. Having methods for dealing with stress is essential for aging well if you want to continue working. There are many ways to deal with stress, from approaching stressful situations in a healthy way to decompressing when you’re at home and have time to relax. Finding what works for you should help you to manage stress day-to-day.

Many women will struggle with stress and mood problems when they hit a certain age. Menopause can have effects on your mental and physical health and can cause problems ranging from mood swings to forgetfulness. Business women often find that hormone replacement therapy for women is what helps them to get back on track. There are various solutions and treatments that can help you to manage the stresses of menopause or other hormonal imbalances.

Keep Up with Modern Business Practices

Something that might take you by surprise as you focus on aging well is feeling out of touch with the business world. Of course, realizing that you’re out of touch is better than thinking that you still have your finger on the pulse when you’ve really been left behind. If you’re aware that business can move on, you should be able to make an effort to keep up with modern business practices. You can get regular updates and insights from industry experts to understand what’s happening and what you should be doing to keep up. If you run a business, hiring people who can help you to keep the business up-to-date is a good idea too.

Pay Attention to Health and Safety

Health and safety is something that’s worth thinking about for aging well if you start to notice changes in the things that you’re capable of. You might find that there are some things you can no longer do or some different precautions that you need to take due to getting older. As well as thinking about these issues for yourself, it’s worth considering them for any other older employees for whom they might be of concern. Conducting a risk assessment and being honest about what you’re capable of doing will help to protect you and others.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance becomes even more important as you mature for aging well. You probably don’t have the same energy levels that you had in your youth, which means that working all the hours in the week probably isn’t going to be sustainable. You need to have personal time, including both time to yourself each day and time off work. It will also help you later on when you decide it’s time to retire. You’ll be used to finding ways to occupy your time rather than being lost without work.

Listen to Your Body

It’s important to learn to listen to your body for aging well if you want to be able to handle the demands of business. When you start to slow down or find it harder to do things physically, you can’t just keep pushing through. If you try to, you could end up with your energy levels depleted or in pain because you pushed yourself too hard. By listening to your body, you can be more aware of when to take a break or whether you should start to slow down a little.

Make a Plan for Retirement

It’s definitely a good idea to start planning for retirement as you get older. There might be a time when you want to start taking a step back into semi-retirement. Or you might want to think about when you want to retire completely and enjoy a life of leisure. Having a plan for retirement can help you to manage the time you have left in work, whether it’s years or only months.


Being in business or a career can feel more demanding as you age, but you can prepare for the changes that might occur so you can manage the various demands and ensure you are aging well.

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