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Alternative career options for women


Whether you’re already a mother, a woman considering motherhood or simply a woman looking at your career options, you need to be aware that career disruption or difficulties re-entering the workforce post children is a possible reality.

In Australia, the Human Rights Commission claim 1 in 5 mothers indicated they were made redundant, restructured, dismissed, or that their contract was not renewed.

The UK, Equality and Human Rights Commission states 1 in 9 (11%) working mums were dismissed, faced compulsory redundancy, or treated so badly they had to leave.

According to a poll by the Centre for American Progress, nearly 30% of women reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace.

Harvard business review in 2012 sites one study found a woman with children was 79% less likely to be hired than one without children. A mother was half as likely to be promoted than other women, offered less in salary on average and was held to higher standards in performance and punctuality.

Regardless of gender equality issues, discrimination as a result of pregnancy and motherhood, women, like men, face the real risk of redundancy through irrelevancy, due to technology advances, automation and other disruption causing jobs and companies to no longer exist.

In this digital age of transformation, companies are constantly adapting to changes and evolving their business models. This means you need to also adapt, evolve, become better equipped and diversify your skills and experiences.

Futurists claim that we will see the rise of the entrepreneur and in just 10 years 50% of jobs that exist today, may no longer exist.

Becoming a business owner and being in control of your employment is a viable alternative and can provide women the flexibility and control to have a more balanced and productive lifestyle.

The transition from employee to business owner can be a challenging one and franchises are an alternative that allows you to leverage someone’s proven business model and systems. As a franchisee you can become a business owner for yourself, yet not by yourself, which has greater safeguards than starting a business from scratch yourself.

Franchises are an alternative career option, without the stiff competition of applying for professional career roles, as well as a range of entry costs from as little as $6,000. Most offer training and ongoing support, without lengthy or costly study of a traditional career change.

Like any important decision in life, it is vital you make your choice based on your specific lifestyle criteria and goals, with consideration of your strengths and what you don’t like doing, as well as what you’re willing to invest to achieve it.

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Tracy Eaton has 28 years’ experience in franchising and business and has coached and educated 1000’s of people around Australia, across more than 40 industries.

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