Audio-to-text transcription explainer: how to best use it


In today’s era, finding a reliable audio-to-text transcription service is a real challenge. At the end of the article, you’ll understand why transcription from audio to text is one task best left to the professionals.

Transcribing audio to text can be tiresome and consume a lot of time. It will be even more challenging when the file contains diverse accents, multiple speakers, various languages, and technical terms. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a reliable transcription company to help.

If you are looking for a reliable online audio-to-text transcription service, fear no more! GoTranscript is where it’s at! We are the leading company when it comes to audio transfer to text. We have a team of top-rated transcribers in the industry. So, whether you wish to have your business, medical, insurance, or law files transcribed, we’ve got your back! We offer transcription and translation services in over 70 languages. On top of that, our services are available at affordable prices.

What is audio-to-text transcription?

Most likely, you have heard of audio-to-text transcription services before. But what are they? It is a business that involves converting audio files into electronic or written text documents. The services usually serve legal, education, insurance, or medical purposes.

Transcribing involves listening to an audio file and writing down what is heard. There are various reasons why people transcribe files, but in general, it’s to turn a recording into a readable format.

To convert your files, you can either learn how to transcribe audio to text, use transcribing software, or hire a professional company. If you want to master the art of transcription, you need to have a passion and dedicate a lot of precious time to learning.

Of course, learning how to transcribe takes time since you have to acquire some skills, such as typing and listening. Most folks don’t enjoy transcribing, or they just don’t have the time for it. They prefer to hire a reliable transcription provider.

You can also use voice recognition software to transcribe mp3 to text. Using terms such as “audio-to-transcript converter” on search engines will provide multiple options. Using online tools is fast and cheap. Unfortunately, you’ll soon discover that these automated tools don’t recognize contexts, so they can’t make educated guesses when transcribing challenging files. As a result, their transcripts have a low accuracy level which is a problem in transcription. Furthermore, the software has difficulty isolating human voices, so it may transcribe everything as if from a single speaker.

Hiring an experienced and reliable transcription vendor is the best option if you want accurate transcripts. Currently, there are many companies offering the service. So, a simple search online using the term “audio to text transcription mp3” will make your head spin. As a result, choosing a reliable one can be challenging, bringing us to our next question.

What to look for in audio-to-text transcription services

• Quality

Don’t compromise precision and quality when trying to find a audio-to-text transcription service. Ensure the firm you select has an accuracy level of at least 99%. Also, learn about the measures they have in place to guarantee high accuracy levels. Remember, a noisy background doesn’t help a transcriber deliver a quality result. So, record your files in a quiet environment if possible.

• Turnaround Time

Audio file-to-text transcription is a task best completed within the deadline. Imagine assigning a transcription project to a freelancer, only to have them fail to submit it on time. This can happen when you choose a professional who doesn’t have the right resources to meet the deadline. Receiving transcripts too late may lead to embarrassment and doesn’t serve the purpose. So, choose a transcription service that firmly commits to meeting your deadline at all costs.

• Confidentiality

Confidentiality is another important quality to look for in a reliable audio-to-text transcription company. It is non-negotiable. The transcription process may involve sharing your business info through an audio file. A professional vendor understands the meaning and value of confidentiality. If necessary, they should be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

• Experience

The firm you select should have relevant qualifications and reasonable experience. Ensure it has a team of experienced transcribers in your field. This way, the professionals will easily understand the jargon and terminologies used in your industry.

• Price

Research how much it costs to transcribe audio to text before deciding on a specific service. This way, you’ll know whether you are in the right place. Remember that a high price doesn’t equate to quality transcripts. Also, a reliable company will have a transparent pricing plan with no hidden charges.

Keeping these things in your mind will help you find a reliable YouTube audio-to-text transcription service. The good news is you can save time and many other troubles if you choose GoTranscript to take care of your transcription needs. Many of our clients agree that we are the best way to transcribe audio recordings. With GoTranscript, you enjoy many benefits. Are you ready to learn some of them?

5 benefits of audio-to-text transcription

Are you wondering whether hiring a transcription service for your business is worth it? Hiring an audio-to-text transcription company may seem like a heavy and unnecessary expense. You might feel you can transcribe your recordings to text yourself or in-house.

However, the complexity of this task can take a toll on you and your staff. It can affect the productivity of your employees, thus leaving the company to suffer. Here are five benefits you stand to gain by choosing to hire a transcription service to meet your needs:

• Better Return on Investment

One of the main things that stop many companies from outsourcing an audio-to-text transcription firm is the cost. You might feel like it’s an expense you can’t add to your budget or afford. But in reality, a transcription service can help you save money. Hiring in-house Spanish audio-to-text transcribers, for example, can be costly since you have to pay them salaries and allowances.

Also, you shouldn’t be paying your workers to spend most of their time transcribing files when they should be doing other important tasks. Your company will suffer if you shift your employees to a transcription project which can be more expensive than outsourcing the service instead. Additionally, overworking workers will affect their productivity, thus affecting the entire company’s profitability.

Experienced companies have the right resources to handle huge transcription projects. They have enough experience in handling a range of files. They can efficiently work on your files since they have taken on similar projects. In the long run, you’ll save money and ensure your workers focus on more critical tasks.

• High Accuracy Level

A reliable transcription firm has experience working on different files. As a result, they can transcribe audio files with higher accuracy. They have the necessary skills to handle challenging files. Although you might think your employees can handle this task, you can’t compare the accuracy of their results with those of professionals.

Many transcription providers have a team of skilled transcribers with skills in various industries. They will employ transcribers with experience and knowledge in your field to handle your projects. This way, you’ll get the best transcripts of voice recordings.

• Lower Overhead

Technically, your workers won’t have adequate experience in transcription. This implies that you will need to invest in training courses to equip them with the necessary skills and avoid any issues. However, this can be expensive, especially when an employee leaves your company since you have to train another. Furthermore, you’ll have to buy all the necessary equipment, such as noise-canceling headphones and foot pedals. On the other hand, the vendor you hire will have all the essential tools to work on your files fast without any errors. That’s why outsourcing is the best way to transcribe audio.

• Better Turnaround Time

Imagine needing a legal or business meeting transcribed on a fast turnaround. Do you have an experienced team and the necessary tools to make this happen? If your workers don’t have transcribing experience, they are bound to make mistakes that can be costly. However, you don’t have to worry about this if you hire a reliable enterprise. GoTranscript can turn around any project, however complicated, quickly, and without errors. This way, you can meet your deadlines without stressing your workers who have other tasks.

• Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization involves creating website content such that it shows up on search engines when users enter specific terms. Search engines like Google favor URLs containing text. Other kinds of content, such as audio, images, and videos, don’t do as well. Audio files are more difficult for Google to crawl and understand. Because of this, it might be difficult for your audio content to show up on the search engine results page (SERP).

Transcription services can benefit your business since they deliver transcripts of video and audio recordings that search engines can easily index. The transcripts will help your audio content perform better on search engines. They give Google something to index, which enables you to rank better, thus driving more traffic to your site. For webinars, marketing videos, and podcasts, including a transcript on the page can lead to more visitors every month. However, for better results, you must implement the best practices for SEO.

Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Services

At GoTranscript, we offer our customers reliable, fast, and accurate transcription services. We have more than 15 years of experience in translation and transcription. So with us, you’ll only get quality transcripts. We have transcribed thousands and thousands of audio and video files and have earned an unbiased rating of 4.9/5. So, hire us and relax, knowing you’ll get premium results.

We have an exceptional team of highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists in different fields. After placing your order, a project manager will assign your files to a group of transcribers and editors whose experience and skill sets match your task. This tactic has helped us deliver quality solutions to our clients.
Using human transcribers is another thing that has enabled us to provide our customers with high-quality transcripts. We rigorously test and hire the best transcribers across the world. As a result, we are recognized as the top company in this sector. Don’t believe us? Check out the testimonials from over 3,000 customers!

Furthermore, we take confidentiality and privacy seriously. We understand that these are critical in many sectors, be they legal or medical. That’s why we are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. Lastly, our file transfer system is highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about your files getting into the wrong hands.

Audio content categories you can transcribe

At GoTranscript, we have the most qualified team to transcribe various audio content types. Among the tasks we often handle include the conversions of:
• Podcast to text
• Lectures to text
• Interview audio to text
• Meeting audio to text
• Speech to text
• Webinars to text
• Promotional content to text

Supported Audio Formats

Are you trying to find a professional to transcribe an MP4 to text? Perhaps you’re a content creator trying to convert your video on YouTube to text.
Either way, before you choose a transcription provider, ensure it accepts various audio and video formats. Fortunately, with GoTranscript, you don’t have to rack your brain. We welcome all the popular formats. Here is a complete list:
• MP3
• MP4
• M4V
• M4A
• WebM
• Ogg
• 3GA
• 3GP

What is the cost?

If you are searching for a company offering transcription services at affordable rates, GoTranscript is the answer. Our services are available at fair prices; what you pay depends on your deadline and the length and quality of your file.

Our transcription charges start from $0.84 per minute, and our price plans are transparent without any hidden costs. You can ask for edits without any extra charges until you feel satisfied.

As mentioned, the cost to transcribe audio to text in-house can be high. So, choose GoTranscript, the fastest and most reliable service provider on the internet. Our team will accurately transcribe sound-to-text files, meeting your tight turnarounds without burning a hole in your pocket. Visit our site today, sign up, upload your audio or video file, and leave the rest to us!

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