Crystel White

Crystel White is Creative Director and CEO of CIA Designs – Crystel White knows the power of design and has dedicated 16 years of her life to commercial interiors. Crystel believes that striking the balance between the culture of a business, the future direction of the company and the impression it wishes to give visitors to make a space beautiful, functional, efficient and appropriate is the mark of truly great design. An Interior Design graduate with First Class Honours and a registered Feng Shui practitioner, Crystel spent 14 years working across a range of design disciplines both in Australia and internationally. During this time Crystel developed an extensive portfolio and reputation in the design industry as well as knowledge of Environmentally Sustainable Design. Crystel leverages her experience and knowledge to create unique, dynamic, tailored, activity based design solutions. And over 40 clients can attest to the quality of her interior designs, the positive effect they have had and the passion and dedication she brings into every project.