Dr. Rachel Headley

Dr. Rachel MK Headley knows how to get things done. She has been in the trenches, dealing with unspoken conversations, barriers to team goals and success, and figuring out how to achieve seemingly impossible goals demanded by executive leadership. As she rose through the ranks at a global satellite mission (from intern to satellite scientist to Operational Science Officer), she managed big projects, united diverse stakeholders, guided teams through change, and led complex and ground-breaking achievements. Now, as a Senior Partner at Rose Group Int’l, she is part of a team who is determined to change the way business is done across the globe.You can gain additional insight into her team-focused approach in her book: iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation. For more information about Rose Group Int’l, please visit https://rosegroupintl.com/. Connect with Rachel @sprfsh_rachel on Twitter and on LinkedIn.