Edwina Griffin


Edwina Griffin (Eddie) is a Health and High Performance expert with over 20 years’ experience in health and human performance. She does keynotes on stress management and mind-body connection, workshops and retreats on meditation (on and off-site) and leadership for corporations, as well as her public healing retreats.She focuses on the interconnection and balance of our body, mind and soul for the benefit of the individual and for the culture and performance of an organisation.As the founder of Your Energy Evolution, Fitwomen, Fitmum and Adventurewomen her programs provide simple, cost-effective ways to transform your body, mind and energy and enable you to operate at your peak level.Edwina runs healing retreats (including at Sydney, the Snowy Mountains and the Sunshine Coast), mindfulness, meditation and stress management courses for corporates, groups and individuals, personal development sessions, Fitmum programs, sound healing sessions and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner.She has a degree in Social Sciences and qualifications as a Corrective and Exercise Kinesiologist, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energetic Healer, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, nationally accredited mediator and is currently studying her Masters in Negotiation.Eddie has received numerous accolades and awards and has featured as the host and expert advisor on many television programs, talkback radio, magazine and newspaper articles and online mind-body programs. She won the NSW Exercise Professional of the Year in 2010 in the prestigious Australian Health and Fitness Industry Awards and has won several business awards.As an internationally recognised speaker, mentor and healer, Eddie has coached thousands of clients in achieving their personal goals and is passionate about giving back to the community through her involvement in a number of charity and business related organisations.