Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening is a sought-after keynote speaker, award-winning business owner, author and passionate educator who believes that resilient, healthy self-leaders create profitable, impactful businesses.She has over 20 years’ experience in business, education and health and is the only Australian to be selected as a Global Advisor for the IWBI™ (International WELL Building Institute™) Mind Advisory Board that looks at how our built environments impact our mental health, and the influence this has on our ability to perform at our best at work.Heidi has received many awards for her commitment to education and health, including an Australia Day Merit Award, Westpac’s International Women’s Day Local Hero Award, and in 2017, she was included on the honour roll for the global #CelebratingWomen project.She has worked with large corporations, small businesses, local and international communities and governments and has naturally become a role model for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business owners and team leaders all over the world.Book Link (Her Middle Name Is Courage): https://heididening.com/product/her-middle-name-is-courage/