Jan Pacas

Jan Pacas is the Co-Founder and MD of Flare.HR and Benefits, a platform that launched just over a year ago and raised over $9 million in start-up funding to date. Flare was created on the basis of giving new starters a really great first impression of their clients’ companies. Flare provides an intuitive cloud based platform accessible via computer or any mobile device based on today’s best practice onboarding principles. The onboarding process covers all the essentials (employee contract, collects all employee data in which is filled out only once, sends data to the ATO, informs the new hire about important policies, gives the employee the chance to make an informed decision about their super fund, life insurance and more). The platform has been designed to emotionally engage new hires, and make them feel a great first touch with the client’s brand. This includes features like a welcome video where the company vision can be communicated, personalised questions like favorite sports team, beverage, movies, and offers a small symbolic gift (if to the employer chooses to do so), and of course last but not least an opportunity to say a few words to the new team.