Leola Foon

Leola Foon knows how important and fragile life can be. Having suffered a near fatal brain aneurysm in 2010, she is lucky to be alive. Overcoming depression through positive thinking and a can-do attitude, Leola can help you understand the importance of self-worth and help you to live your best life today. Leola is a Marketing professional with an entrepreneurial flair. Growing up, Leola was heavily involved in philanthropic activities and after going through such a life-changing experience, has now focused her priorities to helping others in need, while still climbing the corporate ladder. “As a survivor of life’s challenges and tribulations. I want to use my experiences to help others open up to life’s possibilities. My dad always says to me ‘Leola, everything always seems to work out for you.’ I believe that’s because I believe that good things will happen to me. Honestly. “I still ask the world “why me?” I still haven’t come to terms with what I’ve gone through – even almost 5 years on. But in life, you have a choice. Everyone has a choice. How you react to life’s challenges will define your future. I’ve had to learn the hard way.”